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  1. Any other moe. lovers out there? If you haven't heard of them they are an awesome jam band. They have some new tour dates out and are playing 2 nights at the 930 club in DC, which is an awesome venue. Anyone in the area should check em out. Sorry, just posted this in the excitement of the upcoming concerts.
  2. moe. is great. only seen em live once at the orange peel in asheville. it was a kick ass show though and they just released the show for sale on the website. any yea moe. kicks ass
  3. I wondered if your name was from Plane Crash, guess I now know huh?

    moe. def. kicks a lot of ass. Only jam band that's better is phish IMO
  4. hah, yeah, i musta been listening to it while signing up. Got my tickets today and i can't wait! Too bad its 3 months away:)
  5. yeah went to their rochester show for this tour. yeah they are my favorite band.
  6. It's time! ...almost. tommorrow night is teh show, i can't friggin wait, its at a great venue and i'll be going with a bunch of my friends. Gonna have a blunt to share, adn then some personal j's. I'm gonna try and bring my digi cam so i'll post pics of the show if i get em. Anyone else happen to be going to this show or any of their otehr shows this tour?
  7. Man, I envy you. I got to see moe. this summer at the Fillmore in San Francisco. It was an amazing show. I absolutely love chill. Since we're on the topic of jambands I was wondering if there are any other blades out there possibly in the Bay Area that like this type of music. Moe, SCI, Phish, the Dead, etc. It would be awesome to share similar stories about concerts we've been to.

    My only complaint about moe. is that I feel sometimes they overdo it during shows. It may be a different style, but I feel the mark of a great jamming band is where they can jam subtley yet still with passion and energy (phish, sci) Also IMO a band is better off with one guitarist. It opens more musical doors for other instruments to step up.

    Ex. Phish in 1986 when Jeff Hollensworth left, they improved exponentially with the added musical space. (Page especially)
  8. You are one lucky man! I get to go see Phish this June, gotta pay $200, but its well worth it, get a nice steak dinner before the show :), and right up front.:D

    but I still really wanna see moe.
  9. The concerts were so sick, i ended up going both nights even though i only had a ticket for the first night. Security was a bitch and my friend had a j taken from him but i got in my j and blunt. The first night they covered the Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles teh pink robot which was tight cause i saw the flaming lips last fall with SCI. They played an awesome rebubula, 32 things, spaz medicine, okayalright, and lots of others but i missed mexico> happy hour hero>sensory deprevation bank the second night, that woulda been an awesome jam. Here are some pics cause pics always make a thread better.

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  10. I didnt get that many good pictures cause of a mixture of the lights messign with the focus, me being bumped in teh crowd and my cameras batteries dying, but here are some more anyways.

    chuck and rob

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  11. Chuck, hes so amazing at guitar, there were some kickass solos during the jams

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  12. Last one is of al, its a mistake of a pic, but i think it looks cool, i wanna somehow get the moe logo across the top of teh black. and to cowofsteel, where you gonna see phish at? i thought they only had a couple of vegas dates announced?

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  13. timmy tucker was a friend of mine, he came from a long line of geeks...WOW!
  14. moe. is awesome. You should also check out the opening act for him when I saw them. He's an artist named xavier rudd. One man band who blew my mind! He jammed with moe. and it was the best part of the show!
  15. hell yeha man xavier rudd is really good... i like him alot and i love moe so that must of been a kickass show

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