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  1. I have a hard time understanding this..

    When someone makes a thread in the wrong section of the forums that thread is closed down.

    Why aren't mods taking the appropriate actions and simply moving the threads to the correct section rather than closing them?

    I've seen three threads closed down in a matter of minutes for this reason by fencewalker. It just makes more clutter and the forums look trashy. Why not just move it instead? It's really not that hard and can be done in a few clicks. Are mods becoming lazy?

    What's the deal Grasscity?
  2. all depends on the threads man..

    if there's a bunch of threads like "i'm sooo high" and "favorite blunt wrap" and "best music to get high too" etc.. then we usually click them all and delete them at once with the same reason.
    If there's a new thread titled "favorite blunt wraps" in general it's getting deleted for "wrong forum" instead of being moved into a forum with 5 other threads about the same thing.

    if it's a thread that someone put some effort into and seems like some good discussion can come of it, then it usually gets moved to the proper forum.

    that and we're usually all high and pretty lazy..

    PS: IMO it looks just as trashy with a bunch of "moved" redirects.. kind of the same look as the deleted ones.
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    Pretty much what AW said, but to add my two cents? If you are a new member or a member with few posts, I tend to move them the first couple of times unless it's yet another "ever gone to school high", "will I pass this drug test" or similar ilk that a search would have found a plethora of threads on.

    If it is an original, unique post (again, like AW said) that say is a real life story, or should be in medical marijuana or legalization, I might move them, depending on how many times I have moved that member's threads already.

    Other than that, your idea of "appropriate action" and mine differ. In fact, my idea of "appropriate action" is for members to post in the correct forums. For many of those forums, the members requested them. It does a disservice to those blades to post say a music thread or a video in General instead of in the music forum or the video forum. For those that complain about lack of traffic in those forums, it's a self fulfilling prophecy. They won't post in the correct forum, therefore robbing that forum of that traffic. ;)

    Sorry if you disagree with my moderation. To never have to deal with this aspect of it, all anybody has to do is post in the correct forum and voila! Problem solved. :smoking:

    Edit: Oh and laziness has nothing to do with it for me. I do more deleting a thread than I do moving one (because of having to leave a reason for deletion). But I was asked on staff to enforce the rules. Posting in the correct forums is part of that. Making somebody repost something gets their attention a lot quicker than continually (and for some members it is continually) moving their threads for them.
  4. Ahh! I see now. That's understandable. :)

    I didn't mean to call you out or anything Fencewalker, you just happened to be on at the time this ordeal striked my curiosity. Nothing against you brother, keep doing what you're doing. :)
  5. I think Budwisesir had a legitimate question that got answered quite well. :)

    Great communication...each of you. :D
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