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    just curious to see what kind of mods everyones looking to put into their cars or have installed.

    right now i drive a 99 sunfire with a 2.2 so i don't have much to work with performance wise. i'm mostly just doing body work though because i still think i can make the car look alright.

    tomorrow i'll be doing a front end conversion and putting a cavalier front on. getting a brand new cav front end from a friend for free who said i can swap hers with the one from my car. then possibly putting in some HID headlights.

    also hopefully soon i'll be ordering a set of lowering springs and getting the windows tinted which i can get both installed for cheap at my buddy's garage. :D

    so whats everyone else got or planning on getting?
  2. I did an engine swap in my 93 Cavalier. It's all custom. It's up for sale, but if I keep it I plan on spraying it. A wet 75 shot should be plenty of fun.
  3. Ive got a 95 Bronco XLT. Im hoping to save up some and get a 6 inch lift from skyjacker, 35in Baja Claws, Front brush gaurd/ light bar, and I really want one of these bumpers, ironbull bumpers. To bad they are about $1500.
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    05 GTI with 3" turboback exhaust, Eurojet front mount intercooler and GIAC chip right now. Down the road im looking to put on a bigger turbo, something like a GT3071R or maybe even just a k-04 for now.
  5. lol. you are really spending money and time making a sunfire look like a cavalier?! why? sorry to be a jerk, but i just dont see the point. if you are on a budget just buy a DSM or foxbody mustang and have something actually worth spending money on.
  6. uh no i'm spending very little if any money on the conversion at all. im getting the parts from a friends cavalier. and i'm not worried about the time it takes its just meant to be a fun little project.

  7. good answer.

    good luck with the project.
  8. That '99 2.2 is the 2200 correct? It's a good little engine, and performance wise it can be given some pretty nasty upgrades.

    Some stuff for the 2.2L
    Cavalier Performance Products

    Eibach Sway bars...if you like to downhil you don't need a lot of need a suspension. I downhill my 2200 cavalier with no mods at 65-70...not overly fast but it's super fun. A suspension on the cavalier makes a HUGE difference
    Eibach Anti-Sway Bars 95-03 Chevy Cavalier (Pair)-Eibach Anti-Sway Bars

    here's a super cheap clue if that's the actual picture, or if it's any good.
    CHEVY CAVALIER 2.2L 98-02 COLD AIR INTAKE SYSTEM - BLUE in Automotive - BizRate. Compare Prices and Read Consumer Reviews you want the ceramic coating.
    Import Performance Parts - Pacesetter Cavalier Headers
  9. if i could do anything to the engine i would. but its a 2006 five hundred awd.

    so ill eventually have 2 jl w7s, 22in asantis or giovannis, 5% tint, and a chrome grill.
  10. 2009 yaris, got it tinted 5 days after i bought it! helps with the heat here. next, put on a cold air intake, shifter bushings, and a short shift kit. drives like a damn champ. probably done modding it, just wanted to get a little bit more horse power and some clean shifts.
  11. I am actually working on my project of the month, 1998 Land Rover Discovery.
    Dropped in a s300 Turbocharger already.
    Cold air intake.
    Blacked out.

    Next on the list is:
    5in lift
    35in tires BF ALL terrain ta KOs
    Some American racing telfon wheels
    New bumpers
  12. I just want new suspension + black alloys (Black car, looks nicer than silver alloys IMO).
  13. I got a 3g eclipse...I'm tryin to go for that rally look, I need to go to home depot to get some mud flap material...I got a CB radio at work last week I don't know but I've always wanted one of those, I just need the horn so I can use it for the PA system in parking lots. Lastly I'd like to get a roof basket, I already have racks I just want the basket so I can mount my spare tire up there. It'd look dope.
  14. i got a `69 impala custom, ii swapped out the old motor and tranny for new one about a year ago, i just got the body work done, and im waiting till i get the money to paint it.....oh and i cant even paint it until i get a passenger side fender for it, u wouldnt believ how hard it is to find one,,,hardest part ever to find...seriosly i dare somebody to look for one online, or anywhere else...and if u find one, $500 later?? haha....

    its got glasspacks on it, and ive got hydraulics for it, but havnt put them on yet....i need to get the interior done and shit....from there on i need some beat and im good to go

    oh but i have some 14 inch wire wheels for it already...actually i have two sets, one chrome, one ones are on a lincoln tho
  15. Well right now im driving a white 2000 Ford Expedition.

    What I've done:

    15 inch Alpine type R subwoofer (It pounds)

    Alpine PDX 1.1000 Amp

    Kenwood double-din deck

    What i want to do:

    Get another Sub and an amp

    Drape up my windows (tint them 5%) :bongin:

    Get white head/xenon headlights



    and get a plexiglass rear window.(having 30 inches of sound pounding away is gonna blow out my normal window for sure)

    Haha what do you think?

    might get purple neons and white 18 inch spoke rims just cause.

  16. Take my advice and do not put neons on the SUV. Inside on a sub box or something might look cool but if its on the outside you will catch all kinds of shit for it. 18's would be way to small Id go with 22's for rims.
  17. Totally agree, from the sounds of it, you may be planning to toke it up in the car. Neons are like a big light saying, "LOOK AT ME!!"...literally. I wouldn't even pound my subs while doing that. No reason to encourage any bit of attention. I dunno, maybe it's paranoia from living in a small suburb where the cops are nutso, but I actually put a switch in to turn my sub off for situations exactly like that. Just not worth the risk.
  18. changing my 95 jimmy to a Cadillac Cts lol
  19. Dude those are fucking sick, I want one for my altima,
    lol jk I wish I had a truck.
  20. got an 08 scion tC... but i got it in automatic =(. yes im more than blown about that fact. but you work with what you got, and i still love it!

    i came to the conclusion that theres absolutely no point in boosting an auto... so im going to stick to minor mods:

    -injen cold air intake- increased engine response, bit more power
    -TRD exhaust- the most quiet aftermarket exhaust you can get! nonetheless, still nice low sound
    -tints for obvious reasons
    -sound system upgrade- it comes stock with a built in sub.. borderline good enough for me

    hmm thats about it for now.

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