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Discussion in 'General' started by djnecro, Jul 23, 2007.

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    It\'s rather annoying finding a decent thread with a good quote, only to go back to it and find some nazi mod has deleted it...
  2. post in the right section, they dont want to keep moving your shit
  3. Exactly. Put the damn thread in the right forum. How hard is it really? I wouldn\'t move them either. Then everybody would continue to post threads wherever the hell they want thinking \"well the mods will move it if it\'s in the wrong one\".

    Put the thread in the right forum or see it deleted. Sounds like a plan to me. :smoke:

    Btw, besides this being in the wrong forum, your signature violates the guidelines. Now go ahead and compare me to a group of people that gas folks that don\'t fit their image of a master race. Fine grip on reality you have there. :rolleyes:
  4. this is sure to get you in trouble.
  5. *shakes head* not a smart move man..
  6. *waits to see mods reaction*
  7. the mods here are far from nazi like, personally I think they\'re doing a very good job considering the surge of idiots and jerks that have found there way to the city in the last couple of years.
  8. If people would take the effort to simply post in the right sections, they wouldnt have to delete them.
  9. well like not too long ago i posted a thread about how the company that built my house is called KB homes and i thought it was neat. haha. so i posted a thread and provided a link to the company\'s website and my thread was delted for advertising :/
  10. True.
  11. People get this idea that Moderators are just power ridden guys behind computers waving the ban stick infront of your face... they arent.

    I used to mod a pretty big paintball forum, and let me tell you its gets VERY damn annoying having people post threads in wrong subforums, and there inability to use the search function.

    Read the rules, post in the right place, and for the love of good use the search function... and you wont have any problems
  12. I have a better idea. POST IN THE RIGHT SECTION!

    It\'s rather annoying having to waste my time moving threads which could EASILY be posted in the right section. And I find you calling us nazis VERY offensive, I take that as an extreme insult! I use up my FREE time, to help better this forum, and instead of getting appreciation I get called a nazi. :mad: This is your only warning about insults and disrespect.

  13. The blades of GC have spoken for me :)

    Post in the right section and it will not get deleted. We are tired of having to move threads all the time
  14. Nazi mod, huh?

    If I put this after every edit [​IMG] then you might have reason for the nazi mod comment. Otherwise, don\'t have so much of a reason.

    I really dig FenceWalker. Good post! :D

    Wow! Imagine that!!! I deleted a thread that would have never been posted had you just read the rules and known that advertising is NOT allowed here.

    Another good post! :D

    And yet another good post! :)

    ...and to the original poster, again: Dude, if you don\'t like the way things operate around here, then you can chill elsewhere. I\'m pretty sure that no one is making you stay. These forums are given to you to chill in as long as you abide by the rules and show some respect for others. Most don\'t have any problems here.

    Just encourage others to post in the correct forums and you might not see any more threads deleted. That\'s a much better route to go then to demand things from any of us!!!

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