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  1. Mod the Planet

    I Love to Recycle any thing I can. Im a Poor Hillbilly, so I make Shit work for Me.:yay: It may be used in a Differant Way Then intended, but It is being used. I have made crazy Mods in the past, some were losers and a few winners. As a card carrin Hillbilly I always go for It. I will do what It takes to Geter Done. I will post a couple "Mods" from time to time, but Id like to See what You have Made or Modded. I grew up around some smart People Who never said quit, so I never knew any diff.. I have already picked up some Great reuses and Recycles from This site and Ill work with the Authors to link it Here. Give Credit When It is Due, so to speak.

    I want the Ideas that others say is Crazy. When I first seen People using Tomato cages for Growing Weed I said WTF? I wont grow with out Them Now. I am Making some custom Cages soon, but I digress. Let Us All see Your creations Mods and custom Hacks Please.

    So During This Grow Im on now I have burned up 2 Ossilating fans and a box fan. I run most 24/7 so I get 6 months or so befor They cook on Me. I Just got a Bad Ass Fan from A/N befor The grow started. Lucky for Me Because the rest took a Shit. Now Im broke in the middle of a Nice Grow if I do say so Myself. I needed air flow. I have seen rooms with out good Flow and Those rooms have Big Issues. So I rigged up 2 of My inline fans to do the Job. Inline fans Rule All. I have been abusing some for over 2 years with No problems running 24/ 7 for the most part.

    So I took the Digital ossilating fan with remote, That lasted 7 months and took the Motor off the platform and cut the cord. I then took a flat piece of venting that came with My Big Kahuna Hoods That I never used and zip tied it to the base of the fan. I then zip tied the 6" fresh air intake Hose to the flat top. I must say It does work great. I use tape to change the angle, but im working on a Mod for That issue. You can lower it and spin it. I like it so Much Im going to keep It. I have it splashing Air over the Lights and the top of the canopy. The small 4" i have shooting air up under the plants. I need to buy 1 more pedistel fan for My other In-line Fan to mod when I kill That One. Im using a Table saw helper for now. I had some vibration issues so I hung it from a rubber bungy strap, now it whisper quiet. My plants really seem to like the heavy Fresh Air..
    Mod Hard. If You Build It the Sticky Buds will come.:smoke:

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  2. Lately my 250w Mh died, I use on my mother plant, so waiting for the courier(3 days) I whipped up a Ghetto Blaster, cheap and made of junk parts, I put it up on my blog, for learners to consider, total cost $12.00, of that $9.00 was for the 4, 24w CFL's.

    I just love cheap

  3. [ame=]Mod, Recycle and Free reuses for Growing Mary Jane - YouTube[/ame]

    The simple stuff I have Learned over the Years. Modders Rule. Recycle The Planet.

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