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    hey Gc, having some porblems. ill give you the skinny, small grow, temps are okay, air circulation is good, just having some issues when i switched to flower, which its about 2-3 weeks into it. i did flush before the switch only using tap water. the when i saw the prob i flushed again to try and get the ph in line. the red stems have been there for a long while. i am using miracle grow organic soil it has been good up until this point im sure its well past the point of the soil being able to feed the plants with out help (nutes). and im wondering if the time in the pot is a factor here. i was using her as a mother for a while, while i practiced taking clones and getting a success rate going, which i have.

    I do believe it is a ph problem when i checked the ph it was 5.9-6.0. i have some pics for ya there in here somewhere. i have some hydrated lime on order coming and i am waiting till it gets here, i just want to know if you guys can help me out and help me get it right the first time cause this is a new step to me and don't wanna fuck it up.

    what do you guys think? if you have questions just hit me up i have most of the info written down from over the time of the grow. peace:smoke:

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  2. Brown spots = Calcium deficiency. Solve with epsom salt.
  3. Epsom salts don't contain calcium... they are sulfur and magnesium.
    Find some cal-mag or just calcium (harder to find) and follow the directions on the back.
  4. U must get the Ph up around 6.5, to unlock a lockout :).

  5. your plants are also screaming for more P and K
  6. ^ ^ ^ like them weird guys said :)
  7. thanks guys, currently, in the last two days i have watered with a full strength bloom fert and today i crushed up some of the dolomite lime i have(cause it was pellet sized) and added that with a little straight water. i will check the ph again when i water again in about 3-4 days. i have cal-mag at my disposal but i didnt want to go crazy, i knew i had to get the ph in check first.

    i will post some results soon, and if anything changes.
  8. ok so far so good, after feeding and adding some crushed dolomite lime, it doesnt seems to be getting worse. in the last three days ive had to pull numerous leaves off. which i didnt have to do today. i dont see any further damage yet, and i am waiting till i can water again to hit it with some hydrated lime to boost the ph a lil plus get it som calcium which i think it needs.

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