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  1. Ok here is my 1st indoor grow so far... The girls are around 12 days old so far. The pictures are not the clearest but I need to get a different camra. I used an old digital with only 3.3 megapixels. I added two 40 watt CFL 2700 K's yesterday and it incresed the temp by around 10 degress for some reason. I cut a hole in the top right corner and added a small oscillating desktop type fan. It's a pretty neat fan. It has two boxes on top of each other and you can position them anyway you want basically.... anyways I boxed it in and seems to be working great now! Temps around 75-80 degrees.

    Bagseeds - I am pretty sure a couple of them are from some kush i had
    2x40 watt 2700k CFL's
    4x26 watt 6500k CFL's
    FFOF soil with a 25% mix of pearlite
    Modified dresser is 15" deep, 29" wide, and 40" tall
    Will be using Fox Farm Tiger Bloom also

    Heres a few pics tell me what you guys think and if I should change anything.
  2. Here are the pics... :smoking:
  3. your grow is looking good so far!

    i have a question you have any intake or exhaust vents???
    how are your plants getting their fresh supply of air from?
  4. On the bottom of the back wall there is a 1 inch by 20 inch strip that is open. If you look at the top right corner there is a desktop fan that mounted in a box for the exhaust. The exhaust fan is going to push air out even if there isn't an intake fan... Kinda crude for right now... still working on ways to make the intake and exhaust better.

  5. have you considered axial fans aka computer fans, they are an excellent option for intake/outtake of air and their cheap, hooking them up to power is even easier, i have used them since i have started growing and they help so much! i'll be glad to draw a schematic for you if that helps with your setup
  6. Yeah I have considered using computer fans... just don't have any laying around and couldn't wait on ordering them. Whats usually the price range on them? The one thing i have wondered about the computer fans is how people are wiring them up to a power source or outlet plug. I haven't really done any research on them but always wondered if people were just wiring two of them to and outlet plus and just plugging them in or if they have an external battery that they just hook them up too.

    I like your comp. LED grow man... thats pretty sweet! Mad props! I think my next grow will be with LED's and some supplemental CFL's. How much did your plant yeild in the comp. case?


  7. it didn't yield shit dude, that shit came out to be a male, i was so disappointed with the outcome but satisfied with the experience gained. i ordered feminized seeds after that and that is my current grow in the mini fridge!!!!!

    as for the fans just find yourself any ole 12v adapter. i.e telephone power adapter!, some cell phone chargers!, some toy adaptor! strip off the end and expose the two cables, attach the black cable to the black cable in the pc fan, attach the other two together, plug in and voila! however you can attach a maximum of i think 8 fans to the same 12v adapter. if you plan to do that i will def need to draw you a schematic. lemme know!

    go to they are the best place to get fans, order the one's that say double ball bearing, and op for the 120mm fans, the are bigger and quieter than the 80mm IMO

    be well and safe growing....and smoking:smoking:

  8. I'd be wary of spending $ on computer fans. The fact is the advice is coming from someone who has not taken a female to the flowering phase. The fact is the bitches STINK in the flowering phase. They are in heat and want to get fucked and they let the world know it. A single plant can stink your whole house up, no shit. With that in mind, get a quality fan and a carbon filter if a stinky house would be an issue.

  9. i currently have a female in the flowering stage, look at my sig (mini fridge grow box hydro and leds) crutch and i were talking bout ventilation! duh! one thing does not have to do with the other!

    WOW:eek: does marijuana really stink that much in the flowering stage, i never knew that! i better do something bout my girl before she stinks up everything! LOL, when crutch is ready and works out his venilation, then he will most likely do research on carbon scrubbers, till then he is fine.

    dude next time read and get a feel for the context of the convo before putting ur 2 cents in.

  10. I will have to check out that website and see what I can get... yeah I kinda figured thats how you wired it up.... just wasn't sure if a wall socket would burn up just one fan. As for a carbon scrubber I'm not sure about that... would like to get one but the ones I have seen were pretty expensive. I am just triing to keep my first grow on a lower budget tell I get the hang of it. That way I could buy better stuff for the next grow that I know will work better. Does it really stink that bad when it's flowering? If I had my grow box in a closet would it just stink my closet up or my whole apt.?
  11. Ok so I figured I would update this since it has been a week... I am on day 18 - 19 right now. I haven't really done much all week but water them every other day. I did notice some yellowing on the bottom leaves of one of the plants... it was her first leaf set so I am thinking I might be allright. My PH is a little high but I am hoping once I start adding some nutes it will bring it down... I thought I read somewhere that Tiger Bloom will lower the PH.

    Ok so these are random bagseeds I have collected the past 2 years so.... I am thinking one is a more sativa dominant plant because it looks completely different than the other 5 and has a sativa look. 2 of them kind of look like some lowryders... not sure on the rest.

    Name that strain!!! lol :smoking:
  12. I forgot one thing... I think I might start flowering in 4 or 5 days.. any opinions?
  13. Could a Mod maybe put this in the Grow Journals... Thanks!
  14. you could start flowering whenever

    if you want to keep 'em short, then id definately flip soon, cause theyre startin to take off
  15. yeah I am seriously thinking about flipping the switch tonight or tomorrow... I haven't even feed them any nutes yet... I have Tiger Bloom and will be getting Big Bloom on friday and maybe some molasses

  16. maybe molasses? dude, it works. and its fuckin cheap (2 dollars a bottle or so). and its in nearly every good/large grocery store( nearest super walmart, walmart neighborhood market, super target, piggly wiggly).

  17. Yeah I was looking for it yesterday at wal mart... where the hell do they keep it in Wal-Mart? Nobody seemed to have a clue to where it was and just in general!
  18. just wondering.. are you adding any more lights when you start to flower?

  19. my local walmart store wont have any gardening stuff in for another month.. maybe yours is the same
  20. Yeah mine doesn't have any gardening stuff right now either... I am picking up some Big Bloom friday so maybe I will pick some up too... Hopefully it won't be too overpriced at the hyro store

    Yeah I am going to add 2 more 40 watt CFL 2700k's.... I will have 104 watts of 6500k and than 160 of 2700k... 264 total watts should work out pretty good. I also might take some lights out depending on how many females I get though

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