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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Little Wing, Jan 17, 2004.

  1. Stoned out of my mind listening to modest mouse and I have to say, this is about the best band out there right now. Unfortunately I was on vacation when the NYC shows went on sale, all sold out now...

    Can hardly wait for their new album.
  2. yeah theyre not that bad, i havnt been able to hear much of them, but from what i have heard i like them
  3. A friend of mine turned me on to them a while ago, I couldn't really get into it though. Any songs in particular that might change my mind if I heard them?
  4. Hmm, The songs I tell people to listen to who havent really gotten into it are Karma's Payment, Doin' the cockroach, teeth like god's shoeshine, and maybe... hmmm... paper thin walls...

    Yeah, took me a while to get into them, but its one of those bands that you really can enjoy after you make it past the getting used to them barrier. Just listen to them a bit, before you know it you'll go buy an album and listen to it over and over until allt he songs are ingrained in your skull....

    hehe, keep posting when completely blazed... went 2 weeks without smoking while on vacation and i get so high again. It's great.
  5. This is pretty crazy. I haven't been in here in months and I happen to stop by and this was in here. I'm listening to Karma Payment Plan right now. Pretty weird. I hadn't listened to Modest Mouse in about 3 weeks. I must admit, I'm kinda creeped out. Oh well :cool: (Jesus christ was an only child is on now)

    Rock on.... peace :smoke:
  6. I drove my car on june 14th I drover it right on down the street. I havent had any sleep.

    Ka ka ka karma payyyment plannn.

    Hell yeah. Rock on with the speech impediment.

    I always see this fucking thread when stoned out of my fuckin mind. So funny. haha.
  7. Try sleepwakin or cowboydan or little blue sedan or talkin shit about a pretty sunset. I love modest mouse!!!!!
  8. hell yeah. lonesome crowded west is insane
  9. hell yeah. Probably one of the best albums from the last 10 years..

    How many albums actually have a consistant theme/point? Not many... not many..
  10. the moon and antarctica has an overarching theme.
  11. Yes, both do.
  12. I've been listening to Modest Mouse for a while now. Lots of their stuff is used in skate videos, so thats kind of how I got turned onto em. As of now, Jesus Christ Was An Only Child is seeing the most airplay on my computer.
  13. modest mouse is coming out with a new album soon...

    the single, "float on" is a fucking amazing song
  14. Modest Mouse has some good songs, some alright songs, and some bad songs. Pretty good band overall though, their songs can be pretty trippy.

  15. Oh yeah... Definitely have been looking forward to it.
  16. holy shit...owner of long drive for someone with nothing to think about, lonesome crowded west, and moon and antarctica.
    havent listened to them for a couple months... and NEVER listened to them stoned! how could i not have thought of this!!ahhhh :eek:
  17. it does not get better than moon and anarctica, fucking amazing album.
  18. Well all's not well
    but i'm told that it'll all be quite nice
    you'll be drowned in boots like Mafia
    but your feet will still float like Christ's
    and i'll be damned
    they were right
    i'm drowning upside down
    my feet afloat like Christ's
    i'm in heaven
    trying to figure out which stack
    they're going to stuff us atheists into
    when Peter and his monkey laugh
    and i laugh with them
    i'm not sure what at
    they point and say
    we'll keep you in the back
    polishing halos, baking manna and gas
    well some guy comes in looking a bit like everyone i ever seen
    he moves just like crisco disco
    breath 100% listerine
    he says looking at something else
    but directing everything to me
    ever time anyone gets on their knees to pray
    well it makes my telephone ring
    and i'll be damned
    he said you were right
    no one's running this whole thing
    he had a theory too
    he said that god takes care of himself
    and you of you
    it's all nice on ice alright
    and it's not day
    and it's not night
    but it's all nice on ice alright

    Listening to this drunk, stoned, and shrooming.... Hell yeah.
  19. Hmm, got an email saying they are playing live tonight on the carson daly show... Wouldnt ever watch that show. But tonight I'll tivo it and skip to the modest mosue part.

  20. Woah, just saw they released this. I downloaded it and am now more pschyed then ever for the new album Good news for people who like bad news....

    They are still great even with a drummer change. I am relieved, i honestly thought things would be going downhill.

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