Modern Ware fare 2

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  1. who got Modern Ware fare 2 for Ps3 ..Hit me up ...smoke a joint or 2 and come play a match which ya boy!!!
  2. never heard of it but i have heard of a game called COD Modern Warfare 2
  3. ^ you're cool.

    I'm about to start playing in a few hours, just bought the Ressurgence Map Pack.

    If you want to play then add me: (360)

    Sour Green
  4. I'm down to tag is smokinabowl27
  5. I play it on steam (pc)
  6. fun bump.

    let's play.
  7. You mean Demarcus Ware fare 2?

  8. i dont play the game much anymore its the shit i like it way better than black ops but all my friends play black ops so i started playing that one...
  9. Nah dude I pay Hay Lo Reech

  10. Then what's the point in posting?
  11. You don't like Homefront, but that didn't stop you from posting in that forum.

    And WTF, you like CoD but you denounce Homefront because you think it "looks" like it? Oh I get it, you like the games with training wheels, eh. It's cool.
  12. I don't even play Reach bro, I was making fun of OP's spelling.

  13. Oh, shit my bad bro, I'm a duntz.

    I wasn't trying to sound like a douche either, I'm just really wanting to play some MW2 with some blades.
  14. Double post for the fail.

    Chill out dude, I never said I didn't like Homefront, I even posted in that thread asking what you thought of it and if i should buy it.

    Yes, I did say that because I'm not a big fan of CoD but I do play with people I know and it is fun (especially since it's the only competitive multiplayer game I own until Sunday. )

    You don't have to get so upset about it, man. I am purchasing Homefront after the price comes down a little bit.

  15. because the OP made a ridiculous spelling error and people should bust his balls for not fixing it
  16. Where is the upset part? :p
  17. I love Modern Warfare 2 Going to play some solo missions right now. High Speed not avail in my area at the moment so I can't play online:(
  18. Playing Search & Destroy all day until 7. Then some Reach.
  19. I used to play mw2 like it was going out of style then I bought BC2. I now realize that MW2 really doesn't involve much skill. its more or less who is willing to be the lower person and use explosives. oh and the community that plays BC2 is much much more mature. There are always little kids driving me crazy on MW2 but BC2 I usually meet some cool drunk guy from the south or something like that
  20. and you're a tool

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