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  1. So does anyone watch this show?
    i just discovered it several weeks ago and it has become my favorite show.
    Maybe because i love mockumentary style shows ...

    anyways, who watches likes this show? and which character do you like best?
  2. Nikka please I jerk the gerkin to this show erry day and spank the monkey to it erry other
  3. it's a funny show. a roommate showed it to me during the school year and started watching the season. I was tired of venturing into hulu, so I stopped.
  4. My girlfriend loves this show, so naturally she forced me to watch it. Really not that bad. Almost like a more settled down version on Malcolm in the Middle.
  5. I have to rant a little about this show. I just started watching it and have watched a couple episodes and i can't fucking stand it. The ed guy pisses me off. He looks like a weak, skinny, crackhead, gay faggot. I hate the way that he walks and talks like a gay person but plays the part of a straight man. The big fat gay guy makes me angry as well. I don't hate the show, but it's just not for me.
  6. new episode was hilarious. when cam slipped and fell in the kitchen the phil asks him " can i give you a swedish massage? accent optional?" so fuckin funny haha
  7. Solid show. I've seen every episode. Claire Dunphy is such a MILF.
  8. love this show !!

    [ame=]Cameron Modern Family - I'm breaking the window! - YouTube[/ame]
    hahahaha fuck i'm dying watching that clip, cameron and mitchell are my favourite.

  9. cam and mitchell are hilarious. this is one of the funniest shows on tv right now

    Can i give you a swedish massage? accent optional?
  10. This show is definitely too funny! I follow it every week and the humor is very complex and smart.

    I do sometimes think the lines written for the children are a little too complex for an average kid that age to say in real life but nonetheless, it works on the show.
  11. Yeah good show.
    Phil is by far the best character and Hailey is hot so win win.
  12. pretty great show. One of only a handfull of shows on regular "network" tv that I watch.
    My girlfriend loves it, so it's a good show for us to watch together.

  13. and hailey is over 18 so you dont have to feel bad about thinking shes hot! but seriously everyone on that show is fuckin hilarious. i dont have a favorite character
  14. SPOILER:

    I wish they would have gone more in-depth into Hailey losing her virginity. For example, who was the guy? When did it happen? Did she orgasm? Was it anal?

    - Curious TV viewer
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    She did say " Mom only knows because she dragged it out of Dylan" so I guess he has to be the one, can really help out on your other questions tho :p
  16. lol....

    she is fine as fuck tho
  17. I smell a spinoff.

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