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  1. i love modern family. i just finished watching season one on blue ray and its hilarious. ty burrel as phil dumphy is hilarious as fuck. especially in that episode where he gets the kidney stone. and the guy who plays cameron is hilarious also. eric stonestreet i believe.
  2. I have heard alot about this series, but never got a chance to watch it. I want to know more about this show?? Help me!
  3. I think it is a perfect portrayal of a 21st century family lol.. Things are not so black and white any more.
  4. dude give it a watch and youll be hooked
  5. very funny. phil might be my favorite character..

    sofia vergara is amazing in it, as is that blonde woman, but i don't know her name haha (maybe julie or julia bowen?)

    either way, one of my favorite tv shows
  6. Phil is the funniest person on this show and his son and I would deff fuck his older daughter and his wife and his step mother in-law and his youngest daughter even though shes got that whole chubby geek thing going on
  7. Television is best way to get relax and refresh. There are many television show telecast in TV. Modern family is best comedy serial. I like to watch this show. The story follows the families of Jay Pritchett his daughter Claire Dunphy and his son Mitchell Pritchett who live in a suburban community of Los Angeles, California.
  8. shes like 15 man

    i' def hit sofia vergara n sarah hyland(phil's oldest)
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    She may be 15 but don't let the geeky thing fool you she's prob a super freak lol
  10. yeah bro that girls like 14 or 15 at most...and has braces i think. lol.

    i wanna fuck phil's wife so badly for some reason. she's like classic milf. also sofia vergera is incredible. i would eat her ass for hours if she asked.

    but the show is funny as well as having attractive women. cameron and phil are great.

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