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Modern Cultures Glass Gallery..

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by SteadyKnockin, Apr 1, 2011.

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    So last Thursday I ordered a new inline ashcatcher 3 piece set from MCGlassGallery on Etsy. I have sent him multiple messages, emails, and phone calls checking in on my order status but have heard absolutely nothing back from him. Should I be worried?

    The listing I originally bought from is now taken down, but it was this inline with a J-hook and a slide:

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    He seems to have pretty good feedback so I'm not too alarmed yet since it has only been a week. However, it does concern me that he has been on Etsy as recently as March 29 (two days ago) to list new pieces..

    EDIT: Sorry for the huge picture, resized
  2. esty doesn't allow that kind of stuff anymore :(, thats probably why they haven't listed new items.
  3. No, he had just put up some new pieces for sale on the 29th
  4. Well, I looked through mcglassgallery's feedback and saw promising results. I'm sure it will work out.
  5. he is terrible when it comes to shipping. its free shipping so he will ship it whenever the fuck he wants too. there are multiple people on GC who have had to wait like a month to receive there piece
  6. I'm in the same boat, but I ordered on the 21st. Let me know how it goes for you.

  7. Well, still haven't had any real contact with him but just got an email from PayPal with a tracking number for it.
    Says he shipped it today Priority Mail, so it should be here soon.
  8. ya i was one of the ppl with issues from this guy! he kept giving me days that he would ship it out and 3 days after it should have been here and it wasnt i asked him WTF and he would tell me he was going to ship it out and never did. i didnt get it till 2 weeks after he 1st told me he was shipping it out.and almost a month from when i bought it...
    + dont trust his feedback! if you leave him a bad feedback he does the same thing until someone kisses and makes up and than all the feedbacks left are positive. but i still said the truth in the feedback i left him.....that his shipping sucks!!!
    the glass is good but the service sucks and my overall experience with them sucked so i wont be buying from them again
  9. Ah, he's a sneaky little one. He didn't ship it, just "electronically notified USPS to expect my package for shipment."
    Another stall tactic, I'm assuming. This guy is really starting to piss me off. $150 was sent two weeks ago and have nothing to show for it and no word from this prick despite trying to contact him every way possible. I would have gladly paid for shipping had I known free shipping means he ships it when he feels like it.
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    are you people stupid?? this isnt a gift that you can just wrap up and say here you go..ITS GLASS BLOWING it takes TIME! and get over it u big whiny ass babies,,,its FREE SHIPPING, anywhere else u try to find these items are going to be listed for much more money and not free shipping. idiots. U order shit online so obviously its not just you ordering shit, theres orders before yours stop being so selfish and whiny, be happy about the product not about "aww wahh it took 2 weeks to get here" or blah blah blah bullshit of its been a week, are u kidding me? :confused:. Stop the whining and wait for ur peice to get there and then judge shit. pluuusss remember it is an ecommerce site, its only ONE PERSON working at the same time trying to please everyone.


    disrespect and name-calling isn't tolerated here -UB

  11. Daayyymmnnn bruh, chill out

  12. This is probably the guy who is supposed to be shipping your stuff

  13. Dude you shouldn't come on here calling your customer names like that.You really don't want to piss off the
    blades of grasscity if you do you can get a bad repitation becuz people will read threads and see how childish your being.You should just apologize that it took longer than first expected.
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    Sure, I can see your point.. had I ordered a custom piece or had at least some sort of communication. There has been NONE with him. I've messaged him on etsy, emailed him (you?), and called.. no response. That pisses me off especially since I KNOW he has seen my messages and chooses to ignore them.

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess your name is Justin Perry seeing as you made an account just to post in this thread. If this is true, that is one of the most immature and unprofessional things I've ever seen.
  15. if that really is you, then you are the whiny little bitch who doesn't do his job and instead harasses his customers. I can't think of any other customer service industry that takes weeks upon weeks to get back to their customers about shipping or anything like that. Glassblowing may take time, but being a good person who holds their word doesn't
  16. Actually nice try, but first off im not a "bruhh" im a chick, second off it cracks me up that u have to start up a forum just to ask ppl should you be worried. i mean common. ive ordered shit online and waited months, just chill out and wait for your shit. and to CDOG117- glass blowing does take a lot of time, especially if its a custom piece, theres other orders to do. i kno plenty of glass blowers that are frazzled, they also have a life besides glass blowing, do u stay working 24/7??? prob not. and yea the guy prob should be answering ur emails and calls, but do u think it helps to talk shit on a forum? Def not, the way to get the seller to talk to you. This guy had a storefront shop in my town for years, the glass is quality work, so just wait for your shit, cuz ull def get it, he doesnt lie to ppl like alot of other sellers on etsy or ebay, he tries to make everyone happy, but as everyone should kno, that isnt always easy
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    Basically I gave some guy on the internet $150 three weeks ago and STILL have heard absolutely nothing. If he actually let me know what's up then I wouldn't give two shits. If you can't understand why I would be concerned then you are a complete fucktard.
    That's great you've waited months and months for something you ordered online.. you probably also knew beforehand that it would take that long. He's definitely seen all the times I've tried to contact him and chooses to ignore me. Bullshit he's too "frazzled" to return a customer's call or email. And the "delivery confirmation" number paypal sent me for it still shows it has not been shipped.

    As it stands I'm not happy with his communication and would never buy from him again.

    Thanks bruhhh

    EDIT: And you put in a lot of effort for just some guy who had a shop in your town..
  18. she's a ugly.
  19. My friend luckystoner has that exact ashcatch, got it in a shop in Orlando fl, it is AMAZING!!!

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