Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by punkyworld, May 4, 2003.

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  1. Do you mods all know each other? Ever met?
  2. i\'ll be meeting Woody some time in the near future, and i think some other mods have allready met.....Peace out......Sid
  3. It would be cool to sit around with you guys and smoke a nice doobie.. you guys are great!
  4. July 12th will be the meeting of some mods. We\'ll be hell on wheels once we can congrgate against all the city members..(as if we don\'t do that already!)

    When we meet you can bet that the boards will be extremely moderated through out both days of deliberation between us!

    As for some of the other members who show up at the party... well lets just say that they may have trouble posting for the next several months!
  5. damn.. that sounds like a lot of fun! Wish I could be there.. smoke a fatty for me july 12...
  6. i\'ll be there next year...wohoo....can\'t wait.....and budhead, why do i get the feeling you stay on a ranch or have a lot of land or something?.....Peace out......Sid
  7. I have a small farm out in the boonies!

    Got the catfish ponds and pleanty of room to roam around!

    BBQ heaven down here!
  8. yeah io thought so....otherwise how would 50 people fit in the out.....Sid
  9. I\'ve had 162 people here and we still had room to move around. Some of us had to sit on the back of trucks and the ground.. Hey it was well worth it!!!!!
  10. hey i\'m easy....i\'ll siton the back of a truck or the long as i\'m there with all my fellow blades.......i\'ll keep the bong lit.......Peace out........Sid
  11. hey sid, how old art thou?
  12. 26 on the 10th of May......i still think i\'m young out.......Sid

  13. WHA!?!?!?!

  14. I have several picknick tables and lots of outdoor and folding chairs. Every now and then we have a few more people than places to park your ass. Lol

    Hey Sid, I\'ll be 40 on the 19th and Samantha will be 1 on the 20th! All of us and more in may! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  15. We are going to keep\'em stoned till they can go any longer. Then when they get home they won\'t be able to post fo a long time!
  16. how many mods are there? i know theres mods and supermods, but how many all together?

    looking for one more? youhoo, right here! j/k probably to cmplicated for me;)
  17. it would be badass to be a mod or a supermod.. I\'m at my 2nd year at ITT dallas.. Already C+ certified, getting my tech lisense at the end of june!
  18. there are 12 mods......8 supermods......and 4 admin staff.........Peace out.......Sid
  19. I should probably be showing up if all goes as planned, I have at least one person that said they could give me a ride (thanks bud stuffer :D) and also a friend who wants to go, who also has a car

    but that\'s not why I posted, I was thinking, what is anyone doing about music? if someone could bring some nice outdoor speakers I\'d be happy to try and DJ, it all depends on if I can get the necesarry equipment (a laptop could be set up to do the job or there\'s always a chance I\'ll get a killer sound system and turntable some time before the party...)

    if it works out I\'ll evern get a list of songs from anyone who\'s going, that way everyone gets to hear their favorite music

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