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moderators wanted!

Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, Mar 25, 2002.

  1. Hey guys and girls,

    I'm looking for moderators for the general forum:

    you must :)

    be a member for three months
    post regurarly
    be addicted to grasscity.com
    want to help out new members
    be good :)

    let me know

  2. i follow all of the above i might not have enough posts tho..... but i am addicted and i come regularly......
  3. being a mod at grasscity has been my lifelong goal.....

    im pretty sure i fit the qualifications...i kinda half read them :S

  4. hehe
    i must agree with amanita, sometimes, the real world sux.
  5. I have a bunch of time to do nothing but go on here, being in high school and all. I think I might meet the requirements...
  6. duude, let me be a moderator, I help out alot. the only thing is i've only been a member since fewb, but I am pretty much addicted, I love this site, it's kewl as hell.
  7. loks like a hot job but i was first....;)
  8. Im very interested, i am addicted, I have a lot of general thing to say (general forum). And um Im smilin. =)

  9. i would most likely delete my self ,lol
  10. I dont know if im the best qualified in amounts of posts but all the others i know i am
  11. well i hope he is not just looking for some one with a lot of post or replys!you would have to be kind at heart welling to share wisdom as well as your time and feelings ,welling to look with a open mind and respect to the job and to other members ! to bring spirit and soul to the site and its members much the way bud head and amanita do ,shit what do i know anyway ! lol good luck to you superjoint as the site has growen so has its members and its wisdom ! good luck tazz11
  12. I sure would love to be a moderator, howerver I have not been here for very long. Since I've signed up I just can't stop coming in here and reading all that is posted. I've just about read all nine pages of the General growing posts. Once I meet your requirements Super Joint, I will gratiously and very eagerly love to work for you and the city. I am 100% addicted, and I would love to help others when and if I can. I'm really looking forward to becomeing one, SO once I've met the requirements give me a buzz and I'm your man.
  13. I scream, you scream, we all scream, for IceCreamKidd!! LOL...think Kidd would be a good choice for a mod. Fits all the requirements, goes out of the way to welcome new members, and keeps old ones from feeling ignored...LMAO!! :hello: :smoking:
  14. i agree !
  15. IceCreamKidd!!!
  16. ME! oh wate er nevermind :D
    uh, Icecreamkid!
  17. I just looked at my join date and im only 2 months old! damn I'm outta the running....i'd cast my vote for IceCreamKid or CoyboySaxMan....maybe EOME....
  18. hey! lets put up a poll!
    (like i have any say in the matter [​IMG])
  19. Icecreamkid and Dawodin, YEAAAHHHHH!!!!! Fullfill your task with honour and pride :)

    Thanks guys you derserve it, also a zillion thansk to all other members who have volunteered, your day will come for you in the city :)
    , I hope everybody can agree with my decision!



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