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  1. Hi people,

    I've understand from budburner ,that some people could be dissapointed that I made a new member (panhead) a moderators so quickly, and that I overlooked older members who also want to moderate, I apoligze for this, panhead was very enthousuastic so I have him moderator right. We are grwoing very rapidly now, new forums will emerge in the near future ,and moderators will be needed. So dear members have patience and sorry if I have ignored someone.


  2. How about defining (for us that don't know) what the different titles mean and the functions required of the title;ambassador/moderator/etc.
  3. A newbie is a registered member who has less than 30 posts.

    A Citizen is a member with more than 30 posts.

    An advisor (moderator) is capable of editing/deleting posts in the forum in which he or she is the advisor.

    An Ambassador (administrator) is capable of editing and deleting posts in any forum.
    An ambassador is also capable of making changes to the board (as far as removing forums, making changes to the forums, adding new forums, banning members and so on).

    All of us are important members, and all of our contributions are welcome and encouraged.

    As far as functions required, there really are none that are not obvious. (Obviously, you have to be able to read and type.) Also, partaking in discussions regarding decisions that change the board, or decisions as to how to deal with problems that are occurring on the board.
    It's really not set in stone, we're just trying to keep the board fun and moving along.

    Are there any specific questions regarding what the duties are of a specific title? And questions that I didn't answer? Let me know, and I'll do my best to inform.
  4. Good answer Bud! everyone is equaly important!

  5. aww everyone is important! so much love! jeez i love you guys! *snuffle*

    i'm not even high! ha ha

    *preparing speech*

    if i were an admistrator, i would make a love forum, so we could all git down and feel tha love. amen.
  6. i was so overcome with love, i forgot it was AMBASSADOR... my humble appologies.
  7. It's always nice to know that we've made a heart or 2 twitter. :) The forum of love..... hmmmmm.

    Amanita, I like the queen idea. After all, you are the only moderator who is a female (to the best of my knowledge).
  8. monarchies are no good, unless you're the princess, then something romantic always happens to you. so Amanita, i'd go for the princess role. unless you still wanna be queen, then i'll gladly be next in line for princess! =P
  9. love forum...hmmmm. we could change the sex forum to romance or something like that.
  10. git down git down!

    awww yeah!

    sorry, i didn't mean to waste space, but i had the sudden urge to "git down". anyone wanna dance!? ha ha
  12. Kodajake and Amanita are the only active members that I know of who are female.
    It's nice to kinda offset the testosterone once in a while!
  13. Yea? (scratches self) well I got lots of testosterone. (spit) you go and try to off set it, just not during football!
  14. :D Hey my sisters...We're getting stronger.
    Any more females out there????
    -Reform MaryJane Laws
    -Cava Supernova
    -we_ed_ou_tt_he_we_ak // :D newest sister


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  15. Did I hear something?


    Must be the testosterone enabling my selective hearing! :D
  16. here what roar? the dishwasher? just kiddding, im not sexist.
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  17. ;) Yes u did hear something budburner,the sound of the blood rushing to the lower extremities at the very thought of ALL of us lovely dudettes [​IMG] soooo close yet so far away. [​IMG]

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  18. lol, you people are nuts.
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  19. ;) If if cant get more stars for THAT "burner",bud..there ain't no steers in Texas...heehee [​IMG]

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