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  1. Why is it that if one gets used to smoking their bud through a certain mode and they change it up just a little bit say hitting the vape or bong, they get super blazed. Or is it just me? I smoke predominately with my sherlock pipe, and most times when I go over a buds or whatever, if I smoke from the bong or vape it just does me in so much more in comparison. Is anyone out there knowledgeable as to why this may occur? I think that it is because of the volume of smoke. I speculate this due to the fact that the void which fills with smoke is of larger volume in comparison with that of a pipe. Due to the larger volumes of smoke entering the lungs, I am assuming that more THC is absorbed through our capillary beds in our lungs resulting in a more intense high.
  2. I used to smoke from just blunts, then I switched to just joints, then I got a pipe and have been smoking just that... took two hits of shorted blunt the other day and was pretty ripped. Though I think that friend buys better shit than I do...

    Still, I think it holds. Because my one friend that has smoked for like-- a decade, got her first bong the other week (HUGE), and she said it fucks her up.
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    Think about it like this.
    Who is going to get more drunk, the guy who takes 10 shots in 10min
    Or the guy who takes a shot every 6 min for an hour.

    They both are consuming the same amount of alcohol, but the first person gets more drunk, cause he drank faster.

    I can't hit a bong that hard :/ But, a couple of my friends can pack full bowls an finish it in one hit.
    This one reason why bongs get you higher.
  4. When I was I new toker I'd get higher off the bong but now the only highs that are a little different is eating or vaping. Bongs, blunts, joints, pipes,
    hot-knifing ect is all the same.
  5. Ok, it seems I have to clarify. Does it make sense that 1 bowl from the bong with a stem of lesser if not equal size in comparison to that of my Sherlock, gets me more high than the Sherlock. Less/equal amount of weed faster and more intense high. What I am specifically comparing is regular use of pipes and semi-regular use of joints and blunts with bongs (nothing fancy) and vapes (because this is my case). Thinking about this makes me think of it this way, going along with that of the dummy that tried to laimen my concept down to alcohol. I see it more as someone drinking a beer bong VS someone shotgunning a beer VS someone chugging a beer.. I don't know is what I am getting at. I was curious if that it may be my pipe in itself. I have always wondered if there was a higher THC output when smoking with a waterpipe/bong or vape. I have also always wondered if it wasn't the THC output, but the tube that transfers it from bowl to mouth. Seeing how my Sherlock is U shaped and gunk builds up kinda fast, I have wondered if it was the build-up that the THC is sticking to/or absorbing? Shrug...
  6. Well, with your sherlock, you take smaller hits then you do on a bong right?
    Thats what its all about man.
    And no, nothings wrong with your pipe dude.
    Water dosen't do anything to the TCH, it doesn't increase the potency of you weed.
    It just makes your hit fatter.
    Also, you said something about your pipe getting dirty, thats just resin.
    When you hit a bong, all the ash and nasty stuff gets in the water.
    With a pipe, it sometimes sticks to the sides, or even goes in your mouth :/

    I hope I'm helping a little bit :/

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