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    Hey all! I'm planning on modding the downstem on one of my beer-rigs. I wanted to make it a showerhead, but I've never cut a showerhead piece before. After a few pics, I see some variation, can you give me your opinions?

    First off is the number of slits and spacing. It should be even, correct? And the more the merrier?

    Second off, some stems have a "lip" like this one...


    Is this to help the bubbles to flow outward? I would imagine so, therefore, should I make it a dramatic "lip"? More like a globe?

    Also, I noticed that the SYN showerheads and Alex K's are more similar than an asterisk than a circle. Does pinchin inwards, the little glass ridges between the holes, make a difference? Here's a pic in the attachment

    Thank you all!

    EDIT: How do I crop pictures!?

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  2. You should just buy a showerhead bro, modifying shit can be really risky if you dont have the proper equipment. And you dont want to risk breaking that downstem if you dont have a backup.
  3. It's all good, I have some experience with glass working. Not a bunch, but I've repaired my fair share of bongs and spoons.

    Anyway, can someone with experience speak about the differences in these showerhead designs and which would be better?
  4. What angle does your downstem go down? If it's more of a steeper angle I would imagine you don't need to put a lip and could get away with a downstem with slits much more like the second one. However if its not a very steep angle (like the angle of most beaker bottoms) then I would imagine that giving it a lip would allow the diffusion to cover more of a surface area which may be unnecessary if your downstem is angled very sharply.

    If this doesn't make sense to you I could show you what I'm trying to say with a picture.
  5. That would be great! It's just a beaker bottomed bubbler. Similar to a beer rig. Top-to-bottom downstem, so a 90 degree angle.

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