"Moby Dick", the Wooden Whale.

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  1. I made a whale.




  2. good job man, that looks pretty sweet. though i'm wondering which of those 3 holes is used for the carb?
  3. The middle one. It's a steamroller.

    The two eyes are just little burned-in holes. They don't go all the way to the chamber.
  4. That's so sick. I think it's awesome when people make their own pieces and have something really unique such as this.

    Did you learn to do this by yourself or did you take some sort of wood-carving/sculpting classes? Was it easy to make?
  5. Nah man. I learned mostly my self. When I was a kid, my dad taught me a little bit, but not much. You just have to practice.

    "If I apply pressure here, this will happen. If I sand at this angle, that will happen."

    You just learn things like that over time.
  6. Cool. I definitely want to make my own piece whether it be wooden or glass at some point in my life. What kind of tools would you need to make something like this?
  7. Damn that looks complicated lol.

    Yeah, glassblowing is a whole other story. I'll probably take some classes in the future, it's pretty interesting.
  8. Nice work, you got me thinking about doing the same thing now...

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