Mobius vs. Sovereignty

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  1. These two seem to be the most elusive high end brands out there (very hard to get your hands on). For those who own both or even have one, if you had to choose one, which would you rather have?
  2. sovereignty and mobius can't even compare.
    I've been drooling over sovereignty for years and finally just saw my first pillar perc/ SG piece. I was blown away by how well that thing was made. literally not a single flaw or imperfection.. I've seen plenty of mobius around here but SG is a snowballs chance in hell pretty much..
  3. SG for its rarity.
  4. i have a king stem as well as a matrix bubbler. Both pieces cannot be compared (obviously because one is a bubbler) but more because the hit is completely different. Love both.
  5. Between the 2, sg. I love mine to death. But mobius is a great brand as well
  6. My buddy had a sovereignty hollow foot peyote pillar with 156 slits. Nicest piece iv ever hit..

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  7. Also depends what your smoking, Mobius usually has bubblers and smaller single perc bongs with their signature "zero drag" which is perfect for concentrates such as hash oils. SG on the other had makes some killer double perc bongs that are as smooth as they come for flowers. so really it depends on what you will be smoking more of. personally the stem-8 would suit me the best!
  8. I don't think any brand outshines SG, there is a reason their stuff sells out instantly when it comes online.
  9. Idk. I've yet to see a SG piece ive coveted more than a Möbius Stereo Matrix.

    SG may have more of a name for themselves, but If I found 500 bucks right now that I could only use on glass, I think id go get a 65t Stereo Matrix.
  10. 500 for a single chamber? Thats blasphemy

  11. and yet.. worth every penny. carlthecamel said it best. i would choose my sg for flowers and my mobius for concentrates.
  12. mobius is just as rare as SG idk what you all are talking about. I have a mobius stereo matrix and one of my friends has a SG kingstemline. They both are top of the line but i prefer mobius
  13. Never ripped a Mobius but I've heard imperfections run rampant on those pieces.
  14. aqua labs has a king stem up there for sale now, I'm so tempted to pull the trigger but id rather wait for a stem 8 if i somehow stumble upon on
  15. Mobius is some great glass, got homies who have owned nano matrix's and then stereo matrix's. But all of them I have seen are flawed in some way. SG you won't find a flaw in any of their glass, let alone every piece. The flaws aren't major, and don't affect how they function, but its just more pleasing to look at a SG.
  16. Like others have said SG for flowers and a Mobius for concentrates.
  17. A stem-8 is about 5 bills and that will blow a mobius away. Sorry.
  18. [quote name='"Nate489"']A stem-8 is about 5 bills and that will blow a mobius away. Sorry.[/quote]

    Both pieces are nice to me. I think id still get the Möbius first. Id definitely get both though.
  19. [quote name='"TalkToChuck"']

    Both pieces are nice to me. I think id still get the Möbius first. Id definitely get both though.[/quote]

    Just cause the stereo matrix is so beautiful to me. As a tube, the Stem 8 takes the gold, but already having sumn, I want another type of piece... To me the Möbius is more artistic and cool to look at (should they eliminate all the minor flaws)

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