mobius vs sovereignty?

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    I'm in love with the mobius bubbler, looks like a crystal chandelier. I am trying to decide between that and a sg king stemline. That mobius is art, and I've heard killer things about the sovereignty.. What do you guys think? Are there benefits of one over the other? I mostly use flowers but am getting into bho. Any input would be appreciated.
  2. mobius matrix bubbler is my dream bub, soon ill have it in my hands, but id go sovereignty if i had the g's to drop. lol
  3. Mind if I ask.. Why the SG stemline over the mobius? Both are pretty but Damn that mobius is sexy
  4. I'd say SG Stemline, just because TokinGLX has a Mobius, and he rips people off.
  5. That's retarded. He has nothing to do with the piece.

    Which mobius bubbler are you talkin about?
    Where will you be buying from?
  6. Mobius bubblers go for the same or more than SG kingstems.
  7. SG King Stem. I've hit both and although the matrix bubb is a great piece, it just doesn't match up to a king stemline. Its such a flawless design, and on the other hand the matrix only uses the top row when it's diffusing which you notice see in videos.

    Another tipping point is that Sovereignty's quality of glass on every piece is second to none. Steve the blower touches every piece and makes sure everything's on point or he won't send it out. Plus, other than how the actual matrix perc looks a little more amazing compared to a stemline perc, sovereignty tubes have nicer form factor, aesthetic appeal, and the sexiest labels bar none.

    Really you can't go wrong either way tho. 2 of the best choices out there for the price range.

    And if I was gonna get a new mobius piece now, it would have to be one of the stemless ones because they are such an improvement on the first designs.

    If you get the king stem, go with a downgrid if at all possible. Down>up for stemlines.
  8. I disagree. I prefer the up grid on my sg over the down. But thats me i guess.
  9. I agree with Nate. I love the upgrid way more. From what I've seen, only the 'outside' holes fire on the downgrid, whereas on my upgrid, during a hit I see mostly every hole fire at least once (though not all at once until the clear).
  10. Well I love my down grid, I've heard multiple people say they like downgrids over upgrids.

    It is all personal preference tho, hope I get to hit an upgrid sometime soon.
  11. When it comes to comparing mobius to Sov, this is where it becomes a personal preference.

    Mobius and Sov are both amazing brands.

    There is no true difference between the two interms of innovation and quality of their pieces.

    You have alot more emotion put into your description of the Mobius piece. So I would say follow your heart and get the Mobius.

  12. You've never even hit an upgrid and you're preaching about the difference? Wow, man. That's all I have to say.
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    Your reading comprehension skills seem to be lacking.

    So let me help you understand what he said

    See the part that I underlined?

    That him describing OTHER PEOPLES opinions that have hit upgrids.

    So he's not preaching, he's simply letting OP know that lots of people that do know the difference prefer the downgrid.

    Also if you read carefully he says " I love my downgrid"

    Thats a personal opinion, he's not making a claim on the differences.

    Hope I helped you understand what he said better.

    Not everyone here's first language is english, so I can understand why its hard to understand what someones saying sometimes.
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    I'm not preaching anything. I never said either was better, all I said was that I love my down grid and hope to be able to hit an upgrid so I can find out which I like better.

    If one was simply better than the other I personally don't think steve would make the inferior one.

    Thanks for helping clear that up Kilff.:wave:
  15. Upgrid > Downgrid > Mobius

    My friend owns the Reti Strato and it has a little drag compared to the stemline.

    My opinion:D
  16. [quote name='"Sweendog"']

    That's retarded. He has nothing to do with the piece.

    Which mobius bubbler are you talkin about?
    Where will you be buying from?[/quote]

    I believe it's the larger mobius matrix bubbler... I can pick it up locally for about $370.... I am enamored by that piece.... But SG is representing and making me rethink
  17. So are you guys saying the upgrid SG stemline?
  18. I got my bent neck upgrid stemline for 350 at the lhs. Every person who's hit it has called it the best bong ever lol. I love the thing
  19. $370 is like what they go for, offer $350 cash n you could probably get it. Talking about the mobius matrix bubbler.

    Where would you be buying the stemline?

    Everyone around me freaks about my king stemline down grid as well.

    I would love to have one of those matrix bubs, but I do already have a king stem.

    Take the SG.
  20. i used to love my mobius... :eek:

    Don't ask... it was a terrible night.

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