Mobius Stereo Matrix Tube vs. Bubbler

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  1. I'm looking to pick up my first high end piece to use pretty much exclusively for flowers. I've looked around and think I'm going to get one of these. Are there any significant differences between the tube and bubbler versions of these pieces? I'm leaning towards the bubbler but i've read that people prefer the tube. One of my main concerns is being able to comfortably use it while sitting down, rather than having to stand up to a table every time I want to smoke. I figured I could hit the bubbler off the coffee table while sitting since it seems like the mouth piece is angled over more.
    If there are any other suggestions for pieces I'm all ears. My limit is $500.

  2. I got the lw15 arm bubbler. Love it.

    Years later though I still can't believe I used to drop so much dough on glass. Some grow out of it, some don't, or maybe priorities change.

    I like that it hits well, can be used sitting or standing and packs a punch. I used to add a buncha percs but was overkill.
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    I got the 60t, and the Ion Reti bubbler. Really up to you if you want a bigger piece or smaller piece.......
    I use the ION as my oil rig.... cuz it smaller, and 60t for flowers.
    If it were me, and I had to pick one to smoke go with the 60t. Monster rips n sooo smooth.....a real crowd pleaser. The ladies love it lol
  4. I wonder how the diffusion compares to the lw15 arm. Hnestly the mobius looks better after watchin YouTube vids.
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    Weird. Wish there was a more scientific/definitive comparsion. Might make me do a 180 on cash droppage for a mobius. Love the Luke wilson, literally dropped it off a 6 foot stack of boxes onto concrete and while the china glass connected to it shattered, my Luke Wilson bounced like a basketball. Wouldn't believe it was true if I hadn't seen it myself. Loved borosilicate ever since. It's the reason I push the lw. If the mobius bubbles better and is as strong/thick, might be worth the cash.
  6. That Luke Wilson piece is way out of my price range.

    I'm mainly just wondering if there is any real difference between a 60b and a 60t other than where the mouth piece attaches. They seem like they are pretty much the same size with a similarly sized chamber. Does anyone think any different? The difference seems like a subjective aesthetic decision at that point.
  7. Pretty sure its a 65b and not a 60b..........Cant say nothin on the 65b tho cause ive never tried it but I have heard other people sayin they prefered the t model.
  8. Nevermind your right, theres a 60b as well
  9. I thought ur price range was 500?

    I paid 330 for my 15 arm bubbler when it was on sale, used to be 360. Only 300 now.....mobius is like 450. Lol, I'm so confused

    On a l t of course
  10. Here this should help OP........
    The 60 T uses less water than a 65 and the T has a larger stemless joint than the B, therefore providing more space for the water in the stemless joint. The B stemless joints are a smaller diameter which allows the water content to fill up to a higher point quicker.
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    [quote name="pokesmot247" post="18692179" timestamp="1379376038"]I thought ur price range was 500?I paid 330 for my 15 arm bubbler when it was on sale, used to be 360. Only 300 now.....mobius is like 450. Lol, I'm so confusedOn a l t of course[/quote]I'll have to look again. I must have seen something different because what i found was like $1400.
  12. thanks for the input. in the specs it says they are both 18mm, but if what you describe is true it doesn't seem like that big of a deal either way. I'm probably going to just go with the bubbler, or make my girl decide because I'm indecisive.

    From what I understand, more diffusion is good in a flower piece and the stereo matrix fits that bill regardless of whether the mouth piece is on the top or comes off the side.

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