mobius stereo matrix 65t

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  1. My friends Dirty Rico Double Barrel perc


    My Dirty Rico Inverteted Shower Head
  2. nice pieces, where in the 410 area code are you? i used to live in davidsonville and i have homies in mayo, edgewater and crofton
  3. Nice glass.

  4. 410 as in MD?
  5. [quote name='"gnarbubbler"']

    410 as in MD?[/quote]

    Yep. Those are md towns
  6. Nice, I just grabbed a Sov myself bro, Mobius will be my next. 410 here too.
  7. 410 as in Baltimore County MD Towson and Hereford is where I chill
  8. No Name


    "Bubba Kush"

    "Dutch Treat"

    Lol had to do it

    Can't remember the name. Had it during senior week

    More Bubba Kush
  9. nice piece, i grabbed one just like it a couple months ago. we love our mobuis in MD.
  10. is that an umbs converter? you should post the set.
  11. Curious: I'm not sure of the name of the converter, but when I head over to my friends today, I'll clean the rig and post up a pic

    System: I love my stereo, where in Md did you get yours
  12. Some more no name
  13. On the left we have a MGW 18 mil Double Circ inverted shower head with my old carbon filter

    And on the right a 14 mil MGW with an inverted shower head and a circ perc
    Sorry for low qual pic, neither tube is around anymore
  14. finney420,

    You better name that one!
  15. I can't decide on a name
  16. Another shot of the Rico

    My friends moms Leisure 15 arm

    Worked Freek slide
  17. Frito slider not Freek my bad blades

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