Mobius or Dirty Rico

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  1. Hey guys,
    I am investing in my first grade A glass piece and was wondering what you guys thought about these. I am an extremely indecisive person until I have every aspect of information about things so any input would be greatly appreciated! I am looking more for smoothness and flavor without drag. Also suggestions for other pieces is encouraged!
    Here is what I'm looking at,
    1. Mobius 65t w/ matrix
    2. Mobius Clear w/ matrix
    3. Dirty Rico 8 to 12 arm apocoline
    4. Possibly an Apix or BC netline
    Let me know!

  2. Get a mobius stereo matrix 60b or 60t. Forget the 65's, that's just tossing $50 out the window. It's unnecessary. I just got the mobius stereo matrix 60t limited signature edition from my LHS for only $380, and I've never been so happy to own a piece before. Mobius all the fucking way.

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    Yea I've been reading more and more about the 60t. It seems like the right choice
  4. Mobius is the guy from the matrix and dirty rico is a puerto rican version of the mexican dirty sanchez.
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    Hmm, it comes down to personal preference when it's 60b vs. 60t. They both function the same, but the 60b has an angled neck for the mouthpiece, and the mouthpiece is a little bit bigger than the 60t, but I find the 60t to have the perfect size of one, so don't think that the 60t mouthpiece is dinky compared to the 60b.

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  6. High guy over here
  7. I've hit the 65t stereo matrix and the dirty Rico and I'd choose möbius. Doesn't matter what style really I always go bigger and I like the bent neck

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  8. I was
    thinking of picking up a 60T Very soon...
    not that my opinion matters, but a 2/3 Rico's I've hit in person have broke within 6 months. (your mileage may vary)

    with a mobi, Id have to cut off my hands if I dropped/broke it

    60t all the way though
  9. Bc netline to tophat
    Expensive tube but worth it, no drag even though its a double chamber, also its easy to find an ashcatch for them
  10. Möbius for sure. Personally I'd have the Clear Matrix Bubbler, but I hear very good things by the 60t.

    At the end of the day it's your call, but the majority of people (that know the glass game) would back the Möbius hands down.

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