Mobius Ion vs. Nuc Matrix Bubblers

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  1. Trying to decide between these two bubblers. My primary use will be for flowers. I have various "mini" bongs, but I want something even smaller, mainly for convenience/portability (think throwing it in a small backpack and going on a hike or over to a friend's house).

    Primary use will be for flowers. Small, snapper bowls. Flavor doesn't matter much to me, I value filtration and a smooth smoke above all else. Next on my criteria list would be portability.

    As I understand it, the main difference between these two pieces is the diameter of the main can.

    Does anyone have experience with either/both of these pieces? Is one noticeably smoother than the other? I've heard from one source that the Nuc was smoother despite the smaller can size. Anyone able to confirm/deny this?

    Any experience you can share is most appreciated! Cheers!
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  2. PS: Right now I'm leaning toward the Nuc. I want it for small snapper hits, and the Nuc is already a larger piece than my Toro Macro ISF which i use only for flowers (I find the macro isf already pretty smooth, but I think i can do even better).

    Basically, wanting something smaller than my mini bongs, and larger than a macro
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