Mobius Glass

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  1. What's the best Mobius piece for $400?

  2. It really depends if you want a full blown tube or an easy handling bubbler. If you want their signature Stereo Matrix 60t/65t  then you need to drop about $50-$100 more. They also have a tube called facet design with pentacle disc, you can check that out too and that goes for about $420 + tax which is the same price as 60t. If your looking into bubblers they have two different perk designs which is the ion bub and reti bub that goes for around $300-$400 depending on the size and the perk design. If your not looking for their Stereo Matrix 60t/65t they also have tubes with removable downstems I believe those models were called Nano and Strato so you can take a look at those since those are little bit cheaper than the 60t/65t. I used to own a 65t and to be completely honest with you it wasn't worth $500 from my experience. The craftsmanship was superb, glass quality was topnotch but when it comes to flavor and smoking it was too much diffusion IMO. If I was you I'd go with the ion bubbler, but that's just me :p hope that helps!
  3. The one knock on the matrix and stereo matrix from some folks is too much diffusion. Some prefer the reti perc so  you can look into that.  Or maybe the stereo in a tube is too much diffusion but in a smaller piece it'd work better.
    I would avoid the discs and go with either matrix/stereomatrix or reti.  I actually really like the look of the stratos.

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