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Mobius Glass

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by OrangeCracker, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Hey GrassCity!

    I'm about to pick up a new tube and I'm having trouble deciding. I was originally contemplating either a SYN Showerhead (possibly double showerhead) vs. a Sovereignty Stemline.

    Then I discovered Mobius Glassworks. Their percs look absolutely incredible. Between their Stereo Matrix, Disc Matrix and Pentacle Disc percs, which would you recommend? Prices are all about the same so that's not a factor. And I'll be going stemless regardless.

  2. Id take that stereo matrix as first choice. And Id take any of the Mobius's before Id take the SYNs.
  3. I have both a Mobius Matrix Ion and a SYN Double showerhead tallboy and I prefer the Mobius over my SYN. It could just be because the Mobius was a newer piece, but I felt like I could take just about the same size rips from the small bubbler that I could from the SYN tube.

    I'm thinking about selling my SYN though and if I do and I ever start smoking again my first pick up will probably be a Sov Stemline.
  4. Sov stemline!!!! Woot
  5. Matrix BUBBLER if mobius.

    Or the natty splash stem by SG is pretty attractive ha.

    Or an apix for way less then the SG

    Srry blurry yntil hit
  6. @inhaldimprvmnts

    Why do you favor the matrix bub over the tube?

    I like the SG natty splash stemlines, too bad aqu@1ab doesn't have any up.

    Btw, I just moved to Eugene, OR from Maryland this past summer. OR is awesome!!
  7. I just think the perc functions super well on the bubbler and percolates super even. Really flavorful and super smooth hit still with mad stacks. I also am not a fan of the skinny neck on such a wide tube so I like the bubbler. Congrats man!
  8. There is tons of dope glass in oregon and up in portland. I have tons of friends at UO down there and my cousin is there as well. Its a super chill vibe. Heres an Apix
  9. [ame=]Apix Design + Elton John - YouTube[/ame]

    meant to post way earlier
  10. Got a question.

    Does anyone know the volume difference between a small mini-beaker like the HVY Mini and the Ion Matrix?
  11. @inhaldimprvmnts i just recently discovered Mellow Mood up in Portland. Their selection is outstanding, and I was surprised at how good their prices were too. About how much do those apix tubes usually retail for?
  12. anywhere from 140-400's if its worked. If you are interested in a stem to double disk message me

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