Mobius 65 mm Stemless Stereo Matrix vs SG Stem 8

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  1. I find it funny whenever someone says the stereo matrix has drag. lol.

    Op, I owned a stereo matrix and LOVED it day in day out. It has great flavor retention compare to the stem 8. I find the stem 8 would be a smoother hit, but the stereo matrix would have a much smoother pull. It's hard to compare the two.
  2. Oh wait you're telling me there's no air resistance for pulling through 160+ pinholes? Right..
  3. Lol maybe you're confused. More holes = more airflow

  4. So you're telling me pulling through a DG rooster bong with 300+ pinholes has SUPER large amounts of resistance then? Lol. You sir are off your rocker.

  5. interesting, your water levels in the stem 8 look identical to mine lol.. And i would keep the water in my stereo matrix half way up the second perc too, and it did not have the functionless slits in-between the two matrixes, i bought a newer circle custom 60t. Weird tho.. maybe i just have to hit a stereo matrix again.
  6. Lol honestly I was in love with my stem 8 and then I hit my SM again and I was like oh yeah, this ones this shit. I smoke them both equally lol
  7. I didn't tell you that, but yeah that's about right. It's actually a very airy hit.
  8. I didn't say anything like this. But actually most people who own one even admit there is more a little bit of drag in their DG cock tubes.

    I'm also not confused at all, I clearly understand the concept of air and water resistance, aka drag. If you think there aren't minimal amounts of drag in every tube, you must be confused. Never said the möbius tubes are draggers, but (at least) minimal drag still exists regardless of how many points of diffusion there are.
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    What you just said made so little sense, it killed the thread.

  10. The ironing...
  11. Yes, the irony in it all.....
  12. Lmao touché. Proof reading would have helped.
  13. :laughing:

    Just messing with ya, man. It's all good.
  14. So I sold my Stereo Matrix 60T (Cause I impulsively bought with a male joint). And now I impulsively bought a pentadisk perc. Using it for flower so it has the female joint. Made the wrong choice again. Definitely wanting more diffusion. What should my next move be? I'm looking to either upgrade to a 65t or may just look else ware with a bigger budget. Anyone have any thoughts on the stereo matrix 60T bubbler?
    Where do you even buy them w the female joint? I never even see them w the female.
    In response to your 60t Bubbler......I heard the Bubblers dont hit as well as the straight tube, and people like the basic 60t, 65t......I cant find the reasons for it but I do remember reading about it n people not really caring for it......compared to the 60t n 65t tubes. I even heard the 60t is better because its not as airy as the 65t.
  16. Actually, yes, the DG does have quite a large amount of drag IMO.
    It's not the number of holes, a 1 hole could have less drag than a 3 hole and vice versa.  It is the cross sectional area not the number of holes.  1 hole vs 2 holes that are each 1/2 the size of the 1 hole would be the same.  So it's the total cross sectional area that matters not the number of holes.  (law of continuity)

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