Mobius 65 mm Stemless Stereo Matrix vs SG Stem 8

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  1. Prob been asked before but I was wondering if anyone who has hit both could give me some insight. I got the money for either but I can find the Mobius and pay around 420 while I have yet to find my SG stem 8 but am joining BM in hopes of. Having not hit either I was hoping for some insight. As of now leaning towards Mobius just because price and uniqueness.
  2. well if you join BM you'll have to pay 50 bucks, but you will see alot of sov on there, I've never hit either so I couldn't tell you which was better but they are both nice glass company's. the decision is yours.
  3. I can't comment on the stereo matrix, but I really cannot imagine a hit nicer than the stem/8 gives. The only reason I don't own one is because my roommate does, but I can honestly say it would wipe out my entire collection if I did. The only problem is actually finding one for the right price.
  4. [quote name='"kered2"']Prob been asked before but I was wondering if anyone who has hit both could give me some insight. I got the money for either but I can find the Mobius and pay around 420 while I have yet to find my SG stem 8 but am joining BM in hopes of. Having not hit either I was hoping for some insight. As of now leaning towards Mobius just because price and uniqueness.[/quote]

    I have a 65mm stereo, it is one of the smoothest rips there are. At that level of diffusion you do lose quite a bit of taste, but that is an expected effect. If you want raw diffusion and the biggest possible rips you can take, I'd say go with the möbius.

    But I must say, you cannot go with möbius for "uniqueness", essentially the matrix percs are different shaped shower head/inverted shower that is gridded (the impressive part being how close the lines are). That being said, it is "unique" but I would argue the stemline and by extension the stem 8 is just as unique. It's just the stemline has been "copied" more so you are more used to seeing that style.

    I dunno. They are both fantastic choices, but CiRcLE is what's up.
  5. uhh, the stem 8 is double chamber and has more diffusion and will be smoother than the stereo matrix for sure. Matrix percs are flawed in the sense that you have to put so much water in the tube to clear over the perc because its so tall. Once you throw that much water in it you are creating drag because of the sheer amount of water in the tube now. If the perc was shorter it would be a much better design imo
  6. What about durability? Have any of you seen any broken stereo matrix percs themselves (not neck, base, or outer glass, just the perc)? I like how the stem/8 is reinforced everywhere.
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    Ive hit both and will say that if u have 650-750 and wanna go big to go with the stem8 but if ur tryin to save some cash the mobius is a great alternative hell I have an itza circ to 13 and think it compares pretty well to the sovereignty so its all preference really and tbh I recommend itza double chambers for the price they are which is around same as a mobius if u go to a LHS, great tubes
  8. Lol I've got a stem 8 and a stereo matrix sitting next to each other right now. Möbius has less drag for sure, not that the stem 8 has much. Other than that the only real difference I'm seeing from them is the stereo matrix is a whole lot smoother but has a little bit less flavor.
    If you don't get flavor from your matrix you've got too much water.

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  9. Doesn't know how to use one. Water level should only be halfway up second perc.

  10. exactly what i was going to post but you beat me to it. what i dont get, is how people hit one overfilled above the top perc, and dont suck up a mouthful of water.

    i have a 65t stereo matrix, i looked at a stem-8 when i bought it since they are in the same price range, but i wasnt really interested in the stem-8 because its double chamber. i see multiple chambers as nothing but a hassle of having a second chamber of water to change and fill. the design of percs have advanced far enough in recent years that theres just no need for more then 1 chamber to get the diffusion you want. (the exception is the new style of multiple chamber tubes, with only 1 pool of water, like the peyote pillar and recyclers)

    the 65t is a great tube, although i was not a fan of the mobius 5 hole slide it came with, holes are way too big. aside from the DG fritted tubes me and my friends have, the stereo matrix are the smoothest thing iv hit. one of my friends also has a 60t, which i think is too small, but he dabs at his dining room table alot and likes the smaller size because its easier to manage and hit sitting at the table. the diffision and smoothness between the 60t and 65t is very similar.
  11. Lol I had the 60 and 65, sold the 60. 65 is too airy for dabs though
  12. As far as drag goes, it depends where you put your water levels at.. with an IP or DD slide, neither tube has much drag. and if you don't put much water in the two chambers of the stem 8.. id say it has less drag than the stereo matrix.. I have hit both, and the stem 8 is significantly smoother. So Id get the stem 8.. just my personal preference tho
  13. Bro you can hit them side by side, I do it regularly, and the matrix is smoother every time lol
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    Dbl post

  15. When you say smoother, do you mean the smoke is cooler with the matrix? or it has less drag? Maybe our water levels were different if your referring to the drag, because my stem 8 definitely flows easier than the stereo matrix. The matrix flowed nice, but only after a unique initial chug.. once the thing started stacking i guess you could say it was almost as dragless as the stem 8. But like i said, our water levels must have been completely different cuz i notice a difference. But i guess i should say.. i haven't owned a stereo matrix in a while. But i do know the smoke out of the stem 8 is noticeably cooler than what I've gotten from any other tube to be honest, the stereo matrix included.
  16. Haha chance I hope u knw who ur talking about sayin things like tht. Just619 knws whts good lol
  17. I find that hard to believe, unless the 65 does a lot more work than the 60.

    I just sold my 60 mm stereo matrix, I thought my kingstem was nicer to hit.
  18. Maybe you had a SM with the slitted disc between the percs? I had one that wasn't shit compared to the fully functioning ones.
    But when I say the SM is smoother, I mean the smoke is cooled more and will make you cough less, diffused more. It also clears faster than the stem 8 as well. I like the unique little fiz feeling you get while drawing from a stem 8 but if you're having to put an initial chug into a SM you probably have too much water. I keep mine halfway up the top perc and it retains flavor well and diffuses insanely.
  19. I could probably lower my water levels a tad though.

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