Mobius 60t matrix problem! HELP!!!

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  1. So I got this bangin new bong from Mobius Glass called 60t stereo matix. Ive been enjoying it and it looks cool and all but until recently I started getting ash on my lips and teeth. It's so fucking gross I gag everytime. it totally kills my high and I'm even thinking about selling it and getting a new one. Any fellow mobius owners, is it just me or does it happen to anyone else? How can I fix this problem? I strictly smoke flower out of this tube, so I'm guessing the ash splashes up to my mouth but idk. SOMEONE PLZZz HELP!
  2. U probly fill it halfway with water
  3. Dude I have never owned a mobius but how in the hell do you get ash to your mouth through the tube?! That is almost unheard of considering all the ash should stick in the water/tube. Never had this problem ever with any piece of glass.
  4. Ash or resin? If its ash, clean your piece? :rolleyes: and get a carbon filter or a/c
  5. I have a 60 mm stereo matrix and have never gotten ash in my mouth.
  6. I've used one. A few possibilities:

    1) Too much water.

    SOL: Start with as low as you can with the matrix underwater, and add water until you've found a level you are happy with.

    2) Water has become hard from pulling too much through it. Water acts differently after it's holding as much organic matter as it filters in the mobius.

    SOL: Try changing the water.

    3) Tube needs to be cleaned, water is able to hold on to the sides of the tube better and therefore climb higher in the tube when there is resin on the walls of the tube.

    SOL: Clean with cleaner or iso and salt.

    4) Try a different slide. During the period of time that the slide is on the tube, if it creates a ton of back pressure it will cause the water inside to behave differently. Try a free-er flowing slide, maybe with multiple holes.

    SOL: Try a different slide.

  7. no sir.
  8. Are you sure its not just res on your teeth and lips? Because alot of the time when im hitting a small bong or a bong/bubbler with a small mouthpiece and I rip a fat bowl sometimes ill get little bit of brown shit on teeth/lips which is res, pretty gross but you just wipe it off.

  9. Yeaa. The mobius has the smallest mouth piece on a bong I have ever hit. I think im just getting used to hitting a small bong. And I pack my bowls all the way up to the rim and clear that shit in one hit lol
  10. And I think it is resin. It kinda reminds me of black pastel paint which is fucking nasty
  11. The stock mobius bowl is REALLY bad. The hole is huge to Get more airflow but you probably are just sucking all the ash into the pipe. Get a wilson bro screen slide and your all good.
  12. I found out what the problem was. I was hitting it awkward. needed to position my mouth in a differen way
  13. Not having a completely tight suction with your mouth on the mouthpiece can cause this, glad you solved the problem.

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