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  1. Alright heading into the second flower batch in the current set up

    Last batch was a mystery sativa dominant strain that smells amazing but poor production.

    So I'm cutting that mother down and eliminating it from my garden

    Okay, so the next batch is Dinafem's Mobey Dick
    I am very excited about this strain and its high THC and THCV levels not to mention it is Dinafem's best producer.

    Dinafem´s beast & trade mark.
    Superb productive.
    Devastating effect, not suitable for beginners.
    Wood aroma.
    The best known strain in our catalogue, it is also one of the strongest and very typical sativa. Moby Dick is our most psychoactive strain with a concentration of up to 21% THC and the presence of THCV, a substance present in equatorial sativas produced in response to the sun’s ultraviolet rays; this substance makes the effect of the THC stronger, to the point that the effect can be felt with 2 or 3 puffs.

    The low CBD concentration helps to make the psychoactive effect intense and lasting; it speeds you up both physically and mentally and the come down is long, slightly physical and noticeable. It produces great hunger and thirst, and it is advisable to eat and drink well, to counteract its effects. It is recommended to treat the secondary effects of chemotherapy and anorexia.

    Outdoors, full sun, plentiful soil and water and widely will ensure trees which grow to 3 m tall and a harvest up to 1500 grams in optimal conditions. It smells like pine tree with a hint of natural incense.

    Seeds bank\t DINAFEM
    Sex\t Feminized
    Flowering Days\t
    THC\t 0% - 0%
    CBD\t low
    Production\t 1000 gr - 1500 gr

    Already have clones rooted and put into the flowering chamber on a 20h light setting for some veg time

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