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  1. here are some blurry pictures:eek: of my first outdoor grow. their 2 bagseeds, their sativa dominant for sure. they started flowering in the last week of august so their about 3-4 weeks in.

    i apologize for the bad pictures, it was raining out and i'm using a cellphone camera. next week i will get better pictures, i'm just going to update this thread instead of making a new one

    the buds are really small right now, but their there (about 1/2in squared on plant 2 and smaller on plant 1). i dont think dont think their going to get to mature fully before i have to chop'em due to frosts, they look like they want to go 12-14 weeks and their gonna get 10-11 tops... however, i will say the buds have doubled in size and number since last week so thats a good sign...

    without further ado, plant 1:

    whole plant good view

    whole plant from other side...



    this is my problem plant, its been fussy all year, some of its leaves are doing the "ram horn" thing, it has alot of yellow leaves, a couple branches have super tiny leaves for some reason, and its about a week behind my other plant.

    plant 2:




    this plant looks alot better than plant 1, its been easy to grow and happy all summer.

    i'm excited to get to smoke a sativa (especially one that i grew), alot of the bud we get up here is indica, hopefully my plants will be atleast close to mature when the frosts start rolling in....
  2. looks really good. not bad for your first od grow. what are you feeing those fine ladies.
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    thanks, this is not only my first outdoor grow my first grow ever.

    but i'm feeding them 1tbsp of tiger bloom(up from 2tsp in preflower/early flower), 1 tbsp of big bloom, and 1 tbsp of molasses per gallon and they each get 1.5 gallons per week.

    idk if i should be feeding them more of the mixture than 1.5gal, but it rains frequently up here so they get plenty of water....

    but i will say i think the buds look a little bigger and slightly more full in person... and they smell like flowers too lol.

    for comparison, heres a picture of plant 1 from 2 weeks ago:
  4. well if your starting to smell them, your doing something right. i have 7 plant going right now. and i'm lazy so i water 5 gallons at a time. but i still water every 4th day. 5 tbls folra nova 5tlbs alaslka fish fert. 5 tbls molasses.
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    alright, is that 5 galons per plant or 5 gallons total per watering? and my issue is that its been raining like once every 3 days so i dont really want to drown them by watering them more... in your opinion should i be feeding them more/more often?

    plant 2 has a little bit of yellowing around the edges of some leaves that has just happened over the last week.

    and plant one has yellow and dead leaves (i try to pick them off when i'm out there if htey are dead and come off easy) but i dont think plant one's problem is a lack of nutes, i've used higher dosages and gotten burns earlier in the season and then i've cut nutes and gotten higher amount of yellowing. i think it might have something to do with the roots and/or genetics (maybe too compact of soil or jsut bad genes)

    but yes, they both are starting to smell, its not a super strong pot smell or anything, its more of a light floral smell. its pleasant :)
  6. i water each plant 5 gallons. every four days.
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    oh damn, maybe i should be step it up then... do u jsut use hose water or do you use ro/distilled? that seems like alot of water. i didnt know they needed that much, i could probably have much larger plants/buds flowering right now if i had been giving htem more water/nutrients huh.... oh well a first grow is for learning anyways i guess

    maybe thats why plant 2 has been fussy, maybe its less nute sensitive and its hungry...
  8. the next time you take photos would you get a good leaf shot

    plants look real healthy you have done well your first time out
  9. i do use just hose water. on my watering days my plants get about 35 gallons total. @ 5 gallons a plant. i have been doing this for 20 + years am i still learning new things everyday.

    So, next year when you plant. make bigger holes, and more water. and you will have much bigger plants.
  10. ya ceasar, i'm gonna go back out there early next to feed them as par stinkie's suggestion and i will get some leaf pictures for you. i also have these, their older and not the whole leaf so idk if it will help you but here:

    View attachment 430861

    View attachment 430857

    View attachment 440956
    (leaf looks bad, but it shows the general structure if thats what you're interested in)

    there are more pictures of the plant from earlier in the season here:
  11. Nice plot you got there northernherb! I am really pullin for you to get a few zips of good bud off these. The frost actually looks like its gonna hold off for a few more weeks. The forcasted snow mix for the 3rd week of september didn't happen and I couldnt be happier. Indian summer looks like its about to move in. Let's cross our fingers.
  12. this cought my attention cause your name :D, awesome plants. sharing is caring haha, keep the fire burning :smoke:

  13. i was thanking my lucky stars that it didnt snow in september, the forecast looks fantastic! i'm hoping i can make it close to the end of october before it frosts. currently the buds are really small and really immature, hopefully 4 more weeks will change that somewhat.

    ill get better pictures early next week when i feed them again. thanks for the compliments everyone!

    and northernbudha, i like your name, we must think alike;)
  14. good start keep it up
  15. update.

    the buds are getting bigger, they are still small but their growing steadily in size and number. plant 1 is starting to smell more and more each time i go, but plant 2 still has no smell:confused_2:. however, plant 2 is starting to get a bit of trichome coverage, there was a bit of sparkle on the buds and the inner most bracts of some of the buds. i'm hoping plant 1 will follow suit next time i'm out there (plant one is about a week behind plant 2).

    i'm not giving my plants names because at this point i'm thinking they are not going to make it to maturity.... they are about 4-5 weeks in and if i'm lucky i can get 4 more weeks, iiiifff i'm lucky. and even then i will probably have to cover them for a frost or two. and considering they are sativa dominent and most sativas go 12 weeks(am i right here?) they are going to get 9 weeks and wont even get the opportunity to have that last two week fattening that i often see people talking about.... do we think that i will get something smokable in 4 weeks judging by my crappy phone pictures?

    without further ado...










    in my oppinion having never seen a real cannabis plant in my life before growing this one here, i think these girls are pretty. the purple hues and pink pistils look really sweet in person.
  16. and idk if ceasar is still around, but here are some leaf pictures for him....



  17. your plants are looking really good i think. remember your plants will but on most of there weight, the last few weeks.
  18. ya but they may not get to those last few weeks unfortunately.... low of 34 on saturday, the lows are suppost to climb back to the mid 40s after that but i'm looking at the end of october as being when it starts to get diffacult to keep the girls warm. crossing my fingers that they chug along steadily and that maybe it stays warm into the first or second week of november (but probably not).

    i should probably cover them saturday shouldnt i? or will they be ok?
  19. looking good mine are at the same pace as yours weather here has been shitty alot of rain and no sun so thats not helping finishing either im gonna try and let them go as long as possible plus i still need to get a jewelers loupe. good luck and i hope we both get to see that last 2 weeks surge of bud growth!!!!!!!
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    thanks man, do you have pictures of yours? i dont even think i'm gonna buy a 30x, whats the point? theirs no way they will be fully done when i have to chop them, i'm just gonna let them go as long as i possibly can and then chop'em and hope for the best.

    the weather here has been fantastic this week though, im hoping it will help.

    also does anyone have an oppinion about the percent sativa/indica? its growing tall like a sativa, it started flowering the last week of august which is pretty late, but it doesnt have the trademark skinny leaves like a sativa so it must have some indica influence, and i feel like its not as "stringy" as the sativas i've seen... i'm thinking 75% sativa 25% indica maybe. thoughts? or any idea where the genetics might hail from? i'm thinking it probably has some mexican of some kind in it, with those thick leaves it definitely doesnt have any thai or haze in it...

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