Mn def? Phos burn? - 2 Bloomers Balking

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    This is now occurring on 2 of my plants. At first I was under the impression it was localized to the one plant's tolerances, but now I'm seeing development of the same symptoms on a separate strain at the same age. So it's definitely my fault. I've been running well for months, this is my first major issue I've been unable to resolve.

    Major Symptoms:
    - Chlorosis in stripes on the leaves between veins. It starts from the outside of the finger, first visible on the bottom of the leaf, directly between the veins, in the flesh and eats out like a canyon eroding.
    - Affects all ages of leaf, old and new.
    - Remaining leaf is healthy green
    - Minor physical distortion of the leaves, new leaves ascend, older ones descend.
    - Roots not rotting or souring, proper drainage.
    - Recent progression observed, possibly eliminating the possibility of toxicity (with >1wk of water+molasses only) and increasing likelihood of deficiency

    Strains: NYCD (S/I) & Sadhu (I/S)
    RH: <20%
    RT: 76-85F
    PH: 6.8 - 7.2
    Water PH: 7.4
    Soil: FF OF
    Nutrients: FF TigerBloom | FF BloomBig | Bat Guano | Molasses
    Previous Feeding: "every feeding" amounts + 1/2 feeding 0-10-0 guano
    Schedule: Previously, was on heavier doses, but this was now weeks ago. I certainly think it's a deficiency, but it's possible it was an overload of something a few weeks ago that is simply temporally diffused or systemic.
    Light: 12/12 HPS @ 4ft.+ to canopy
    My PH is high and I'm going to try a PH down technique today to adjust it down to 6.5, but it doesn't seem high enough to cause a complete lock out. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    My diagnosis has been that my Mn is too low or being locked out by another nutrient (still learning the counter-balances of nutrients). Please, all information helps.
  2. Read another possibility...with the high P, an Fe lockout can occur.

    Anyone know how to distinguish between a Mn def and a Fe def? Adding more Fe could really hurt an Mn def if I'm wrong.
  3. Can't say I've seen a manganese deficiency before, but this sure seems to fit the bill. Unfortunately there is quite a bit of damage already, I don't think that will ever repair so the yellow is here to stay!

    I'd agree the high ph could be at fault here, if you straighten that out and give a good healthy feeding of micro nutrients (Big Bloom) I think you'll be good to go, that's normally how I treat any micro nutrient def. With modern nutes these are pretty rare IMO.

    Have you flushed any? Sometimes this can help wash out any excess stuff, usually it's salts that bring the ph down but if there's anything in there raising the ph...

    Good luck man!

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