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  1. well.... it alll starts with about.... a qauter of pot... im down to an 1/8th now... but none the less... i was at this party, this girls house, trying to get with her... it was going nice... and i see somethin outta the corner of my eye... *gasp* its the 5-0.... i opened the kitchen curtain and saw.... police lights... now idiots left the door open and theres dubmasses drinking outside... so i alart everyone inside.. i say cops.. i run downstairs.. bang my head on the ceiling trying to get down to the bottom level.. i say cops down there... and runnnn outside.... lol i run thru the woods... up a few streets, ran to this park i knew, and then doubled back 45 minutes later..... it sucked, but im glad i was able to get a few people, and myself, out....! how has ur night been tonight blades?
  2. Don't run from the cops if your in a house, just chill out there (unless you have massive amounts of drugs on you) It's not a big deal to get caught drinking in someones house, unless it's your house and you have underage people there.
  3. wasnt my house.... i can't get caught by the po :).. there was underage drinking going on.... and people were outside smoking pot/drinking like morons... while i was inside...... and i had massive amounts of drugs/money in my car... lol... which i didnt really wanna get caught with and go to jail for... :smoke:
  4. Running from the cops is hilarious. I've done it many times and it always amazes me when I don't get caught.
  5. dude fuck if i saw the cops i'd be like "hellll yeahhh let the party beginnn" and just sit there...i would trip if i even started running when i was high
  6. Ive been a few parties where someone thought the cops where there and everyone is running away. Its pretty funny when that happens. Running from people is a huge rush though. ONe time we were doing a beer run (taking beer from open garages) and some guy started chasing us. we got a full case from him. (I know its fucked up but i was only like 16)
  7. dude if you have drugs on you just hide it in the house somewhere and wait for them to leave. they just basically come in and say everyone needs to be out in 15 minutes... were gonna come back and if anyones still here were gonna write you all up. they leave, you smoke one more bowl, drink one more drink then hit the road to the next party.
  8. ^ uhhh... i wish cops in my town were like that....
  9. around here they love to bust out the underage drinking citations. FYI, never admit to drinking liquor always tell them beer if they catch you. around here beer is just a fine, no court.

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