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  1. anyone heard of Medeski, Martin & Wood? these guys kick ass. stand up bass, organ/keys, and drums. their music is so new and not like anything else, its awesome. Uninvisible is a great cd. i saw them live, we copped 2nd row seats. before they went on stage there was some smoke coming out from the same side of the stage they walked out from...heh. their music is real intense when you're stoned, especially the organ. anyone else dig to mmw?
  2. oh god yes
  3. I got a great John Scofield cd called Agogo. It's Scofield, Medeski, Martin and Wood. Sick cd ;o) Cool Jazzyness
  4. i was listening to that in the car with my brother a couple weeks ago.
  5. yeah i saw them when i saw moe last spring, good stuff, there were hippies going crazy dancing to their music, silly hippies!:)
  6. I was hoping there would be a thread about MMW here! I'm really happy that there's another fan here. MMW is another band that I stumbled upon when I came to college. Man, they're some of the funkiest white guys out there ;). I currently own four of their albums, all of which I love equally the same.

    I saw them live twice, within two months, back in 2003. Once on Miami Beach, it wasn't really a good venue. There were mad people smoking, but the under 21 crowd was watched heavily. The next time I saw them was at the Langerado music fest in Ft. Lauderdale. It was a great time...

    What's your favorite track? Mine has to be Nocturnal Transmission, hands down.
  7. oh yes, mmw rocks...just got done listening to them a few minutes ago, then stumbled upon this thread

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