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Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, May 20, 2004.

  1. today was officially the most insane trip i have ever had. i went to school on 40 robo gels cuz i jus wanted to be kinda fucked up, and then my friend said he got hits, so i'm like sweet haha. so after i puke in the bathroom in 1rst period, he gives me the hits and i eat 4 of em.. then the next 2 periods i cant get my head off my desk cuz everything is just crazy and i keep hearing rain everywhere and everything looks like it was water. this lasted all the way up until now so i'm pretty happy, its like 940 at night, and i'm pretty tired

    twas a good day
  2. did the teachers notice?
  3. your begging to get arrested...

    teachers dont report obviously intoxicated students? here they do for sure.. my friend got 2 days out of school suspension for being high. not for smoking any, or having any on him, just for being high...

    have you seen fear and loathing in las vegas negligent? i can just picture that scene when he's in the hotel loby on acid with your situation in school, haha...
  4. well the first 3 periods i couldnt tell u cuz i couldnt keep my headup, and then in 4th period i was all shaking, so if they noticed then they didnt do nething about it.
  5. gel caps never did it for me.. i took a whole bottle worth (20) and didnt feel the slightest thing... did you bite down on them at all? or just straight swallow them?
  6. yeah, my friend got suspended for 14 days just for coming to school high....and nova classes

  7. i jus swallowed em whole cuz i took em on the bus when i was goin to school and i didnt wanna like puke all over the place. my friend says that the gel caps dont do anything for him either, he took 16 coricidins before too and hardly felt anything either.. i dunno maybe some people jus dont get that messed up off dxm.

  8. "I am very sorry sir. Can I call you a cab?"
    "Sure, and I'll call you a cocksucker!!!"
  9. Haha, that movie has so many awesome quotes.

    I like:

    "We cant stop here. This is bat country"


    "Paranoia. It crept up my spine like the first rising vibes of an acid frenzy"

    Theres a lot more but I cant remember them right now.

    Man, I dont know how you got away with that shit. Back when I was in high school there was a lot of teachers that picked on students that clearly werent paying attention, like out of nowhere they would ask you a question about what they were teaching. And I doubt someone on DXM+LSD was paying much attention haha

    Best classes were when you get to watch a movie in class. I was always high for those, best one was when we got to watch the matrix in philosophy class. Had to write an essay after about it though, that kinda sucked.
  10. i dont go to school high that much, only have done it a few times. I dont reallly like it.

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