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Mmmmmm....lemon Diesel

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Frosty_Cola, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. I just picked up an oz of lemon diesel for $200. The lemon smell/flavor is lacking some, unfortunately. But the feuly taste/smell from the kush and sour d is strong! Pretty good daytime sativa dominant hybrid...good for getting shit done! The buzz iz about 2 hours off of a couple good sized bong rips. Id give it like a solid 3.5/5 just bc I wanted that lemony goodness to shine through more. Also bc it needed a lil more of a trim for my tastes. Here's a few pics, but sorry they're from my phone and I'm not the best photographer. The kush bud structure really stands out I think.

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  2. There's a stereo microscope with a camera at my work. I'll try to get a few better pics there on Saturday!
  3. Nice bud
  4. Thanks. I know the shots r bad but the buds r grrrreat!
  5. Fuck, i can tell that's dank but those pics just cant prove it. Smoke it up man, i know i would haha.
    Dude what can i say... Oregon, Washington, Montana and Colorado are by far the best states when it comes to the dankness and affordability of weed... we all have 100-300/oz pricing depending on what bud (outties or innies) and who you know haha.

    My pricing is like this:
    Montana: 200-230/oz, 700-800/qp (ive bought 700/qp of homegrown amazing blue dream) through grower in Bozeman. ive gotta couple bags through his caregiver ($480/56g delivered and $720/100g, My buddy is growing chemdog #4 and headband), My best friends uncle is growing 7 greenhouse plants (super skunk, grape skunk, alaskan thunderfuck, black widow, wonder woman, missouri something strain, and another one... blueberry may be... i forgot haha).
    Then 250-280/oz here in Billings through patient friends... but i can never afford that so i just buy 35-40/eighth, 70-90/q (90 IS SO STEEP!)
    Washington: Whenever i visit Seattle i can always get good deals through one of my best friends... this time we got a 750/5oz deal (i got a 150/oz)... and we bought an 85/q of chronic.
    Oregon: I have a buddy in southern oregon (medford area)... 40-180/oz... he wont charge me too much since he gets the most chronic outdoor
    Colorado: 200/oz in the Springs all day... i have an older friend (37 i think he is) who grows down there... and i gotta another buddy who is going to grow as well... but right now it's 200/oz... all day. haha
  6. damn you can't beat $200 an ounce
  7. burnintrees407 yeah I know those pics suck...damn 3G slide camera. here are a few more using the dissecting microscope at work. the lights on it need to be replaced so even these aren't as good as they could be. I also put some pics of some outdoor lambs bread I got pickup b4 last (outdoor from Medford at that!)

    first 2 pics are of the lemon diesel. I'll put the lambs bread pics in another reply since all 4 are too large for 1 post.

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  8. sorry, those were before I cropped them. Lemme try again, this time all on one post!

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