Mmmmm Cookies

Discussion in 'General' started by hippycracker, Mar 13, 2002.

  1. HIGH All,

    There is nothing like those home made cookies!! ( I made just over 2 dozen ) Thank you Unoit, LeftHand Man and to Roc Dog for the baking supplies. Thanks again you guys we appreciate it, and we also have a little something in store here for you guys...No hints yet, but soon. Take care and we will talk to you all later.
  2. cookies are good
    cookie dough is better
    special cookies are awsome
    special cookie dough is the best!
  3. Thanx for giving me the we are out of Cookies

  4. I want some cookies too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Cookies probably just for "family" LOL......just pickin' wit hippycracker!! Damn them cookies sound good![​IMG]
  6. This might sound lame but I also made cookies last night. Oatmeal rasin. But As I made the first batch I got distracted, stoned and ended up puting the cookie dough in the fridge for another day. Cookies for all!

  7. unoit I remember the jar of peanut butter on an earlier post!! LMAO!! Given the choice tween smooth and crunchy, I'll choose Budflavored!![​IMG]
  8. did somone say cookies?
  9. Well hello everybody. Well I would like to thank my uncle unoit and the left hand man. Hippycracker and I do like what we had gottin. The white bud looks good and got us RELLLLLLLy high. When hippycracher was making the cookies I started laughing at her. I had only 2 hoots seeing as I have smoked the white bud before. I wanted her to see the high,plus it was the first joint of the day. She smoked 2/3 of the joint and was so high I was laughing my ass off at her. Her eye's I have never seen so red before in my life. Raging like a mad bull. Sorry we have not replied to this yet seeing as were to high now to type or even go on the net. We, hippyrcracker and firerush2001 do appreicate what unoit and left hand man have done for us. Thanks and tell rocdog thank you to. Missing you guys on the wet coast.


    Hi Everyone - Sorry all no more cookies you see the guys ate them all, but I will gladly make more. Unoit you are a man of your word, the maid did receive some spoiling after all, it is a treat to smoke such high quality bud.
    YOU THE MAN BIG GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND LEFT HAND MAN 2......( it seems as though Beaker still had something to say) Anyways guys thanks again, oh and just a little info- my eyes werent THAT red....

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