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  1. who has tried or would be willing to try meth?

    Not me. Not ever.
  2. lol of course its gona be all No, if anyone was ever on meth they probably would be spending their cash on meth and not internet lol
  3. Hell no. but this reminds me of the thread where that kid was tricked into smoking meth when someone told him it was "pure thc crystals". that was such an awesome thread...
  4. not intentionally. i've had coke cut with it but besides that no. it's a dirty dirty dirty drug and should never have been synthesized.

    EDIT: ever see that vid of with some chick washing he house and it goes "mmm meth! mmmm meth!" shit was hillarious. i'll have to find it.
  5. lol....meth is for rednecks....fuck that.
  6. Its got too bad of a stigma, and even though most of the horse shit probably isn't true, its still scary, so no.
  7. only weed for me (and maybe some Ecstacy and Acid) but NO METH
  8. My thoughts precisely. :)
  9. Probably not, my family already thought I was on meth awhile ago.
  10. its really not that bad.

    its all fun to hate on meth,

    the taboo surrounding it is ridiculous.
  11. Agreed. I can't be the only one with enough willpower to try it once, call it a thirst for knowledge and experience if you will.

    Don't give me that "try it once and you're hooked for life!" crap.
  12. Yes 1 \t3.45%

    Well, boys, looks like we found our 3.45%
  13. HELL NO...only ganja for me:)
  14. It's probably better off that way. I know my body and trust myself. That said, chances are I'll never come across it anyway.
  15. Ive had X that was pressed with meth. But clearly it was a very low amount..
  16. not my kind of thing,
  17. I guess you could say I will try anything once :rolleyes: Was pretty cool while I was fucked up on it, but the come down totally killed any interest in ever trying it again. Also your pupils are fucking huge for a whole day or more, doesn't work too great with me :smoking: weed is where it's at

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