mmmm kfc

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. mmm i can still taste it now!
    im hungry.

    kfc has to be the best of the fast food places i know

    taco bell and anything else thats american and not in britain dosnt either. lol

    whats YOUR fav(joking bout american ones btw)?
  2. The greasy chicken (KFC) is good.. Taco bell is good as well..

    I like southern home cooking myself... Don't care for to much fast food any more..
  3. o prefere home cooked aswell, sept when i cant be arsed to coook
  4. mmm fast food? Ive been doing this lunch lately which VERY Ironically totals out at $4.20!! :D (its like a bonus just hearing that! lol, im a dork!) I get a chili, chicken nugs, salad and lemonade. their chili is really good for fast food! I highly recommend it! i highly recommend this lunch! :D

  5. Yea your a dork.. You didn't even post the name of the place...

    It must be one of those muff diners..LOL

    damn that stml!
    its Wendys :)
    ..i dont get enough time for diner muff on my break!
  7. I like Chicken Qusidela (spl?) meal w/ a soft shell taco (comes with it) from KFC/Taco Bell (in the same building in this town).... nothing better infact. Best thing is, no one ever gets it, so they don't make it until its ordered = always hot and yummy :D!

  8. Wendy's is a great fast food place.. I eat her when i can..

    I love the taco salad and the large frosty!!!!!

  9. LOL all of em!!

    luke, I like the avatar guys eyes..he wasnt always that bloodshot!

  10. awe! thats nice!

    yeah me and the girls smoked a lil somethin too one night...aaaahhh :D :p
  11. I have tazz by my side when ever I toke.. You never know when the devil might save the high!! LOL

    Sensi, I love the girls.. I need to be in that av!!!

  12. lol! I think you tried to snuggle in between there before!! that was monnthssss ago!! lol you still havent gotten there BH!!!

  13. They are squeezed together real tight..

    I'll take any position that I can get... There has to be some way to get in there!

  14. i may have pictures lol
  15. gosh people, someone innocently starts a thread aboot KFC goodness, and 16 posts later we have a lesibi fest! GEEEEEZZZZZZZZ :p ;)

  16. awe cows! do you always say gosh? :)

  17. whoa! whooooooa!! heeeyy buuuuddy :)
    i think im a little too shy for your campaign!
  18. best thing @ KFC is the Twister... I always get the Twister Combo Meal Super Sized (I make both side dishes mac&cheese and i get a large dr. pepper w/ no ice) and sometimes ill get another Twister (the sandwich only) on the side if im REALLY hungry ;)
    if we go to the KFC/Taco Bell combo place, ill usually get a chicken challupa instead of the second Twister sandwich.

  19. that sounded nasty!!

    I think i'm going to hit Wendys today.. I've got a craving for the taco salad!!!
  20. KFC's popcorn chicken is good,its just to bad they close at 9pm that not done smoking till

    So its not taco bell,the soft tacos go down like water i cant taste them till after i eat

    So i have to say its "Walts Roast Beef" oh so good...

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