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    Update: I think I'm just going to go with a decent cheap hps setup instead of the cfls, it appears to be much cheaper and easier for my budget.
    Can y'all recommend me some stuff I can get on amazon for a small 2 plant (fully legal) grow? My budget is about $100. I was thinking of just getting some clamp lights to run some cfls and something to build into a grow box. I'm not looking to start a huge grow I'm not a heavy user or trying to deal or anything, just a simple cheap grow.

  2. I tried to do it on the real cheap, it's just not worth it. 
    I'd  hold off until you have 400 or so- that way you can have a quality setup that you'll also be able to use pieces of if you decide to scale up.
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  3. My advice is like Black rider just said save up more.
    Also LIGHTING is key, you can have killer genetics, soil, water, nutes and none of that shit is worth anything without the light.
    By the way 2 plants are massively wimpy when you are legal. shoot for you legal limit and then you can prune back to what you can manage.
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    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 25, 2013 - If you want two decent plants I would buy two of these but one will support two small plants, the rest of the stuff you can probably get at walmart like two computer fans one to make a carbon filter with activated charcol and one for air circulation, also tin foil to line your grow room with, just spay the inside with spray adhesive and stick the tin foil to the walls. lastly get a cheap humidity/tempture gage. also find some good potting soil or if you want to go hydroponic do a dwc. Also alot of people don't like CFL's but I have that light that I sent you a link for and my Himylayin blue diesel plant is beautiful and putting on some good bud weight.
    This x1000. I forgot to mention it, but lighting is huge. My plants grew more in the week after I switched them to HID lighting than they did the 6 weeks before under cfls
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  6. Guys this is my first grow. I'm not going to spend $400 on lights. Thanks for the pointless suggestions lol
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    No one said 400 on lights. It'd be closer to 100 on lights, about 100 on a tent (or you can make your own for a bit less, but it's a pain to do right), 100ish for a fan and filter, and that leaves you 100 for seeds, soil, pots, timer, fertilizers etc.
    These aren't pointless suggestions, they're realistic. Even if you wanted to grow with CFLs you'd blow a significant portion of $100 on the lights and hardware alone.
  8. Light
    Ventilation system (extraction fan and accessories [you need this])
    Medium (soil/hydroponics)
    + you'd have to be very lucky to get away with just that:
    Would odour be a security issue? (they smell really strong)
    Need Activated Charcoal Filter
    Don't want to gamble on killing your plants in a single feeding?
    Need PH meter
    (prolly want PPM meter too)
    Male plants are worthless, don't want to gamble on growing a worthless male crop?
    Need Feminized Seeds
    etc etc etc
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