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  1. Alright, I am currently in possession of 100 grams of peruvian torch powder. I'm planning on splitting it with a friend, so we'll each have 50 grams. I've never tripped on mescaline before, but I've tripped on acid and shrooms quite a few times. I realize that most people recommend about 30 grams for your first time, but I would rather not eat that much cactus only to end up having a mild trip. As far as that goes, can you redose mescaline? Maybe I'll eat about half, wait an hour or two, then eat the rest if I need it.

    Anyone have any psychoactive cacti experience? I'm debating on whether or not we should just eat our powder with lemonade or another acidic drink, or maybe doing an alcohol extraction. Since the prospect of eating 2 ounces of disgusting powder isn't exactly appealing, I'm leaning towards the alcohol extraction. It seems pretty straightforward. What do you guys think?

    Also, anyone have any tips for the trip itself? I've been reading up on erowid so I can be as well prepared as possible.
  2. You would probably be better off eating it all or getting some peyote.

    So many people buy San Pedro and Peruvian Torch expecting to get an amazing trip, but you're lucky if you get 750mg of mescaline out of it, especially if it isn't fresh/dried cactus.
  3. on erowid it says for heavy effects from mescaline you need 700mg at least. if he gets that 750mg it's gonna be as much as he'g gonna wanna try for a first time mescaline trip, you know?

    edit: 7/11 post yeah boi

  4. I was pondering that myself. I smoked a bowl and thought about it, and I think he meant I'd get 750mg if I ate ALL 100g's that I have, rather than splitting it with a friend like I was planning.

    I think that's just the nature of the plant... since mescaline concentrations can vary A LOT, some people are bound to get a bunk batch. I've gotten bunk acid from a very trusted source before, so I don't see this being any different of a risk. All part of the experience. :hello:
  5. True that, I just see so many people grab a foot long piece of it expecting to trip nuts and wanted to make sure you knew.

    And yes I meant 750mg/100g.

    Good luck with it though, you may just get a super cactus.
  6. I went ahead with my plan of doing an alcohol extract of 100 grams of dried peruvian torch powder and splitting it with a friend. I did a total a 5 washes with 91% iso alcohol over a period of about 3 days. A few were 12 hours, one was 24 hours, and 1 was only a few hours. I did a shitty job of straining it, so there was quite a bit of sediment in my finished product. I ended up with a total of 24 grams of dried extract.

    So me and my friend both ate 12 grams, and we tripped pretty hard. :hello: He puked about four hours later, but luckily I never puked. After about 12 hours I was still getting nice visuals and a crazy body buzz. Surprisingly I didn't really have any deep thoughts like I do on shrooms or acid, so maybe I'll take a bit more next time. Still a pretty nice trip for about 20 bucks each.

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