Mmm Mmm Insomnia!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by KingJesus, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. So I went to bed 3 hours ago, and woke up one hour ago completely awake. Usually when this happens I have some nice herb to medicate myself and go right back to sleep. But not on this terrible night. I have a pre employment screening coming up so I haven't been smoking lately, but lucky for me my insomnia seems to have died down... Until tonight. So yeah! I'm wide fucking awake by myself for, most likely, the rest of the evening.

    Anyone else suffer from this oh so amazing illness? Any helpful tips on how to get to sleep? There is no night time cold medicine at my apartment or benadryl(sp?). Any ideas?
  2. no tylenol pm? those are nice

    but if thats a no, try drinking a glass of milk and a light snack
    might help you relax...
  3. Popped an ambien about an hour ago.. I think I overpowered my tolerance level. Weed works but I have none...

    /looks at rez infested bowl

  4. Trazadone is where it's at ...unfortunately all of mine are gone :confused:
  5. No night time meds in my apartment, which is saddening. My girlfriend also suggested the glass of milk. I'm about to go chug from the carton.

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