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  1. hey guys what's up. me again.. check it plant is loookin good n all but the 2 bottom sets of leaves are starting to turn yellow! whats that mean? im not over watering them because last time i watered the plant was on the 22nd of this month.. and be 4 that was on the 18th of this month.. the last time i watered them i put some Fert on the soil, like 4 peices.. i dont think i burned it because i put wayyy less than the ammount i was supposed to. the next day the plant looked like it was lifting weights all night .. and still is but turning yellow at the bottom.. is it because the plant is taking all the Nitro out of the leaves and using it for the top? get back at me please.. thanks...
  2. what set of leaves is yellowing?the singal leaves?the leaf with only 3 blades or the other important fan leaves?
    if its the singal leaf or the leaf with 3 blades iwoulden't worrie about it to much and if u have over ferted the plant it wont be yellow the tips of the leaves will look burnt and they will be crispy that what mine did when i over ferted anyway someone else help him im no pro yet i got a few more grows to go lol :)
  3. it's a natural occurance if the plant is in the latter stages of flowering, however if it's still in veg then it's a nitrogen defficency......the whole leaf looks yellow and it's usually just the bottom fan leaves and then it works it's way happens sometimes, you need to add some nitrogen.....easier said than done i need a fert that's high in nitrogen and low in the PK this stuff.......Peace out......Sid

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  4. heyy whats up fellas.. anways thanks for the QUICK responce. here is a picture of the plant, and u can see what im talking about.. Bust YES it is the set of leafs with 3 fans.

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  5. and this is the Fert im using. it has Nitro in it, tell me what u think.. PS. no its not on 12/12 yet, im thinking about starting that next week..

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  6. id say it needs a good six weeks veg

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