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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Unknown, Nov 12, 2002.

  1. Wow, my friend floated some good bud over too me yesterday and I stuffed it into my pipe and smoked it today....the fucking shit was great! I got stoned off my ass for like an hour off a little bowl! And the best part is...IT TASTED LIKE CHOCOLATE! I asked him if he dropped the shit with anything, and he said no, he grew it that way...anyone know what type that shit is? I am starvin for
  2. omg...I just got a great product idea for when and if weed becomes legal...

    ChocoNuggs! Chocolate covered nuggets of choice picked bud!
    They could like sell em like at movie theaters! Yeah...with ads like:

    "To enhance your viewing try ChocoNuggs! You pleasure guaranteed, even if its a chick flick!":D
  3. OMFG id buy a box of them ch0c0nuggz
  4. Hmmm...I think I'm gonna look around on a candy making site and see if I cant find out how to make dipping chocolate and I'll really make some choconuggs. Oh yeah, these are gonna rock.
  5. dipping chocolate isn't too difficult.

    all ya need is semisweet chocolate, sugar, and cream.

    roughly chop the chocolate, melt it in a double boiler (a pot that rests on the top of a slightly larger pot which contains boiling water), add the sugar and creme, let cool slightly, dip whatever you wanna dip and set in the fridge until it hardens :)

    or you can be lazy and get the stuff hershey's makes. it comes in a syrup bottle and whenever you pour it on cold things it forms a hard chocolate shell. i forget exactly what it's called, but you'll recognize it if you see it in the store :)
  6. they have stuff here called chocolate thai. it goes for like $40 a gram though (lol, it's insane i know)... but it tastes like you're smoking a hershey's bar :)
  7. That was it... it was more like $20 for 4 grams, but still good shit

  8. are ya supposed to dip the bud in that???? and then eat or smoke it??? or are u even talkin about bud..??
  9. lol, he could dip the bud in that... but i wouldn't eat or smoke it... that's just a recepie for if you want anything to be dipped into chocolate, then have a hard shell when it cools. i personally think it's best with strawberries which have some champagne injected into 'em... mmmmmm
  10. Why not dip buds then eat em? I would give it flavor.
  11. of course smoking the chocolate would be out of the question...
    As Arse face said:
    "burnt cocoa beans and stuff = teh no."
    Mmmmhhmmmmmm...thats why you eat the shit, not smoke it.
  12. i dunno... the idea of chewing on a chocolate covered nugget doesn't really seem too appetizing to me. i'd rather grind the bud up and stick it in some double fudge caramel brownies or somethin :D mmmm... now that's good eatin'!

  13. YEAHHHHH!!!! i love chocolate blunt wraps :) :D
  14. true, but wouldnt stomach acids work just as well?
  15. acids work by breaking down the molecules... this is what causes you to get a burn if you get it on your skin or something... they create heat, but not enough to activate THC. imagine your stomach reaching 180 degrees F. it wouldn't feel too plesant ;)
  16. I had weed that tasted like bubblegum once. Just thought i'd add that.
  17. now i want 4 things : chocolate, strawberries, champaigne and chocolate...err. i had something else...weed i think but i have that already..grr i forgot while i was typing champaige (took me a while to formember (as in not forget hehe) how to spell that)...i wouldnt eat for a high....cuz smoking is fun..and i heard an eaten high was sorta unpleasant or less pleasant or just not as fun or something i think yeah
  18. i am allergic to weed when i eat break out in a rash all over and freak i stay away from it in food...but i smoke the shitout of it...

    i smoked some lemon flavory stuff once...and some that tasted like


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