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  1. my first time doing dxm, im by myself just chilling with some music. I just downed a bottle of robitussin cough gels with some dr.pepper. 20 to be exact.

    2nd plateau mabey?

    some one hook me up with some info on how high it will get me.

    thanks alot GC :):smoking:
  2. right on dude, me too. I took a bottle of cough gels and drank a bottle of Vicks44. Im at around 660mg total. 20 cough gels, which are usually 15mg a piece, are 300mg of DXM and is a good baseline dose. I have a very high tolerance for drugs, but most seem to have a good time at that dosage. You will likely feel very calm, maybe sleepy, and will notice trouble concentrating or looking at bright lights.

    I know I'm gonna be chilling in a dark room tonight listening to music. At 660mg I should get hallucinations in the dark, maybe just with my eyes closed but doesnt really matter. When I take a lot (remember, I'm used to doing it) I get very very cool geometric patterns and colors that move. They are very entertaining. The drunken stupor-ish-ness about DXM is also kind of fun because you feel like when you are really drunk just without being so uncoordinated (for most) or as sleepy or dizzy.
  3. thats exactly where im at man. thanks a whole lot.

    music is sounding amazing

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