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Mmm Blunts. {Pics}

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dhouseholder311, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Finally managed to come across some Garcia y Vega cigarillo's. Here a few pics, gotta love these slow burnin mother fuckers. Slow roll of course, no need to butcher a perfectly good leaf :)

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  2. nice roll guy
  3. very sexy blunt!

  4. I'm not your guy buddy!

    Haha nice blunt bro ++rep when I can
  5. Thanks everyone. I take pride im my rolling skills :)
  6. you roll nice blunts.

    when i tell people this its usually a lie. like during a smoke sesh when some jackass rolls a blunt that runs, wide mouth, and just sucks. i still tell them they roll awesome blunts, hahaha. then wonder why i didn't roll it.

  7. word, my friend last night wanted to roll the blunt.
    skeptically i allowed it, as im usualy the roller of our group

    i walk out of the room to get a drink and when i came back,
    he punted the job off to his girlfriend and was playing guitar hero

    garcia y vega. . sounds nice.
    i think ill take a trip to the store and pick me up a nice fresh leaf cigar for the blunt ill most guaranteed be smoking

  8. good deal homes. loving the green paint on the wall too!
  9. Dude that was the first blunt I ever smoked, I forgot all about them. Im about to go get some now.... :smoke:
  10. Very nice roll, man. In all honesty I've never used any Garcia y Vega's but I've heard nothing but good things about em. Bet you had fun with that blunt! :smoke:
  11. Looks very nice and great choice with the Garcia y Vegas... +rep

  12. Im not your buddy pal
    lol nice blunt
  13. Yeah they are very nice. They had the ones in the blue box too but i love candella papers so i got the greens. Are the blue ones vanilla? anyways, thanks for the rep and such. Smoke on blades.
  14. I've never smoked GV's but I do roll Garcia Vega Games which are very nice.
  15. I'm not your pal, friend.

    I wish I had a nice blunt like that right now... :smoking:
  16. im not your friend guy
  17. Thanks fella's. Heyyyy, im your pal friend guy! Here is one from today.

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  18. i hate garcia vega.....peep the sig for my dutches
  19. wish i could roll, i suck ass!
  20. Hey there hood, i've seen your thread multiple times, nice stuff :). May i ask why you dont like vega's?

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