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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KreenAkrore, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. So I was reading some article on MMJ and well I'll be straight up honest, I'm extremely jealous.

    How does it feel those that are in state with MMJ, to just walk into a dispensary see all the weed that is offered, and just pick your favorite strain, or pick one you haven't tried or get some candy with pot in it.

    Seriously jealous in a good way though, Happy that this is being allowed and MMJ is moving forward.
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    It's fuckin sick dude..

    For the most part Budtenders are pretty nice people. The weeds good and the prices are the best. Some cannabis clubs allow smoking in their dispensary. They provide bongs, bubblers, pipes, have volcanoes ready for use. Snacks to buy. everything. Go to one, toke up, do homework, shoot the shit, they all got t.vs in em, whatever. Really relaxed environment.

    Some of em have hot chicks behind the counter that don't know shit about weed at all...don't even bother askin em a question. Sometimes the most popular clubs are crowded but thats not really a big deal. Just like anything, there's ups n downs.

    For the most part. A+:smoke:
  3. CT needs mmj
    also anyone know if you can get a mmj card in a state that you are not a legal resident of?
  4. Nah, you gotta have a I.D with the corresponding state to get ur card in the 1st place.
  5. I saw MMJ live.. I cried.

  6. I've heard Oregon, but I would not take my word for it. :smoke:
  7. not to mention a condition you're seeking treatment for;)
  8. Nah not really...not here at least.;)
  9. :hide:

  10. :eek: man that sounds awesome, Imma take a hit and just imagine. haha.
    As soon as its legal here in Florida I'm opening one up myself.

    the best idea is to put the shop next to a strip club and a LAN place where you can play video games.

    Nothing better then those two stoned off your ass.

    In fact I'm going back on some COD right now, and netflix at the same time lmao
  11. Lol "budtenders" awesome.
  12. FL needs some medical marijuana. If only.....
  13. Oh yeah. That's right. gettin over on the state.:smoke:

    Not me of course. I have chronic anxiety.:eek:
  14. Maryland! Please! :)
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    Well, while it's ridiculously easy to get a card in Cali, it's uncool to abuse the medical system. It just let's the other side argue that it's being abused, which gets it voted down in other states. Why even bother getting a card if you don't have medical need? Isn't weed decriminalized to just a $100 ticket for under an ounce?
  16. #16 Flight96, Aug 4, 2011
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    Word. Honestly most people don't abuse the system just to be dicks or feel cool. Most of em do it for convenience. Keep in mind their are plenty of symptoms that weed helps with that don't necessarily qualify you for a card. so theres all those people. Then theres people who are simply in-experienced with weed, or it's not really apart of their lives (don't know anyone to buy from, don't like sub-consciously feeling like your doing 'illegal' activity) all those fuckers. then theres like....legit patients.

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