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MMJ = Why Marijuana Will Never Be Legal

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by highscores, May 11, 2011.

  1. Just a thought I figured Id share before I forget it...

    So recently I got my MMJ recommendation and was introduced to the wonderful world of medical marijuana. My whole life I've had to triple bag/jar/box this plant and hide it in the back corners of my room behind books, shoeboxes, lamps you name it. Now all of a sudden I can walk into a store and pick from 20+ different strains, have them individually bagged and then handed to me with a receipt. As great as it sounds, I believe it's an obstacle that stands in the way of everyone trying to make this plant legal.

    At the place I got my recommendation, a new patient had to pay a minimum of $140 to get a 6 month recommendation. An optional $20 for a 6 month extension, and then an optional $40 for those who had no previous medical records. I got the whole $200 package. The total appointment lasted 45 minutes, I spent 30 min in the waiting room filling forms and waiting for other patients to finish. During those 30 minutes, I was waiting with 4 other patients and 2 patients were getting their recommendation in the office. By the time I was done, 3 more new patients had arrived. That's 10 patients total in the 45 minutes I was there. On my form I was asked if I'd feel comfortable taking my appointment with another patient if it meant itd go faster.

    So 10 patients who had to pay $140-$200 if they had a qualifying condition. My guess is all 10 of them had a qualifying condition. With my 6 hours spent in Macroeconomics before I switched out, I could tell you that the $20 6 month extension is economically the best option and most would agree. So in 45 minutes this doctor banked $1600+ in a <500 sqft office with the help of two 22 year old receptionists. Did I mention they accept walk-ins and this guy was filling out papers so fast Id consider it cardio.

    I've been to 4 dispensaries and all of them are run by guys in there 20s who look like they could have grown pot before they got into the medical business. If not, they all at least look like they've toked before class on a daily basis at some point in their life. Most 20 year old pot heads can only dream of legally growing pot and selling it at a storefront for a living. Now it's a reality if you can grow some good meds.

    Once its legal these doctors go out of business and 20 year olds living their dream will get run out by big money grows that sell grams for $2. Is it possible that the amount of people making money on MMJ has or will get to the point where MMJ will be legal but marijuana in general will never be legal? If anyone's ever watched "Who Killed The Electric Car" I guess it's similar to how gas companies didn't want electric cars to replace gas vehicles in the 90s and that's why were still bitchin about $4 a gal.

    This is my experience in WA State so far. What are your thoughts? Is this a forecast of the future or am I just recapping what's already happened?
  2. Yes, what you say is true. But you have to think about legalisation in the rest of the world too. The world is slowly opening it's eyes about cannabis and some kind of legalisation and regulation is inevitable.
    I don't think the MMJ system would work in a lot of european countries. I live in Finland and over here I think the government would rather legalize recreational usage than allow the system you are using. A lot of the people getting MMJ cards don't even need it for medicinal reasons. European governments would see the bullshit in that and just make recreational usage legal.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm sure a lot of people get MMJ cards to use cannabis as a medicine, but most don't.
  3. I think they need to stop being such cock-blockers and step up their game so they can still be in the market for when it inevitably does get legalized. Its called survival of the fittest. If they keep fighting inevitable change they will be left in the dust.
  4. Think of it in other ways. It will most definitely be legalized for many reasons

    - Drug war costing millions of unnecessary spending
    - Drug wars costing hundreds of thousands of lives
    - Drugs are all powerful gangs major profit
    - legalization of drugs will stop violence in south America Which will dramatically reduce amounts of illegal immigrants in US

    Sorry if my spelling is off I'm typing this in class on my phone lol
  5. We need to push the positive part of legalization: Let the state regulate it, collect revenue like the way the state of NC does alcohol(ABC stores). Take pot out of gangsters' control, away/differentiate from hard drugs.

    Shame on you! :smoke:
  6. If marijuana was legalized less people would smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, use prescription drugs, and work. The fabric of American society would erode in the eyes of conservatives. They don't wanna us blazing because people who blaze get together and discuss shit. We begin to question the government and challenge authority. Cigarettes get taxed, alcohol gets taxed, prescription pills get taxed. Can they tax something that you can grow in your basement. Regulation wouldn't work and any pot "business" would be put out like last nights blunt. Who needs painkillers when you can make a pot brownie out weed shake? Addicted to cigarettes? A pack a day makes the government a boat load of money over the course of a decade.
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    Thanks for all the replies, this one about the Europeans was certainly a new idea for me...

    I guess I never thought that if the rest of the developed world changed their views on marijuana the US would be forced to. I've never paid attention to marijuana legislation in other countries, anyone know if they're close or are all the potheads happy enough with Amsterdam?

    And for those who think legalized marijuana is inevitable, think of how our country runs. America seems to love it when 1 guy makes a million while 99 make a hundred. Medical marijuana is exactly that. The way the federal government handles it just makes it seem like MMJ is the closest well ever get to what we want.

  8. I agree with most of what you said, however, when weed is legalized, businesses will operate just as MMJ growers and dispensaries operate now. Even though you can grow your own weed easily, it will take a lot of work to reach the quality of high-grade weed grown commercially and you won't have the variety of strains available at stores. Regardless, it costs money to grow good cannabis, which means the government will earn their share whether it's from taxes on weed or taxes on hydro-gear and electricity.

    It seems like what you're saying is equivalent to saying people won't buy fast food because we can cook our own food ourselves.
  9. ...another commercial (illegal) grower that wants mj to stay illegal (cash cow greed):confused::confused::confused:

    It's only illegal due to lies, greed, PROFITS, corruption, misinformation, and propaganda that allows the war on weed to continue...:rolleyes:

    spread the facts, the truth, and they can't hide behind the lies for long...and IMHO naysayers might as well pop their tent in the feds camp, because you sure aren't help us pro-mj/mmj folks.:devious:

    Storm Crows grandpas quote, I believe is "if the truth won't do, somethings wrong" so lets fix things...:cool:
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    It's not that we won't cook our own food, it's that we will order the dollar burger and forget about the $7 real angus beef burger...

    How many mom n pop restaurants do you think go out of business because a McDonalds or similar fast food opens near by? McDonalds succeeds because it's got so many stores that sell the same products so their production costs are way low compared to local restaurants. I know their food is lower quality but the fact that they market it so well and it has become a trusted name it makes it hard for businesses to compete.

    If weed is legal, someone that has tons of experience will hook up with someone with tons of money and start the McDonalds of marijuana. Sure it won't be the most quality bud, but it'll get you high and there'll be a dollar menu. The costs to produce will be low since this guy will have the funds to put one up in every town that allows it.
  11. Many European countries don't give a shit if you are an adult and just smoke for personal use.
  12. If I had a kid I'd steer him/her away from smoking pot until he was as adult, even if he/she were 60. just saying :smoke:
  13. Just because these people make a lot of money won't stand in the way of all cannabis being legal. These people do not have the same money or lobbying power as other industries, and they certainly wouldn't be able to prevent legalization.
  14. Medicinial Marijuana is an alternative to many current prescriptions and OTC medicines. Painkillers, sleeping aids, even pepto-bismol will probably lose some customers to mmj. The companies thatll lobby against this, or maybe they already are, will be big name pharmaceutical companies like Johnson & Johnson. You think they have enough money to prevent legalization?
  15. I would be surprised if the liquor industry isn't lobbying against its legalization, also.
  16. oh yes..big pharm makes billions a year...dropping a million in a few congressmen wallets is nothing for them:mad:

    but even so, the people will prevail because we have the truth on our side.:hello:

    you sir win a cupie doll for being correct...they do lobby against it.:wave:
  17. If only it were true, you and I both know truth has nothing to do with it. It's the big bucks.
  18. Liquor companies should really be in favour of legalization - who else will make top of the line Green Dragon for people to enjoy? :D
  19. Actually, there was a rumor floating around back in the 60s that Seagram's was researching mj somewhere in the deep South(Alabama?). I haven't heard anything to that effect lately, tho. It wouldn't be surprising for a company to cover its ass by playing both sides of the game, lobbying against, researching in case it became legal.
  20. I don't know what your talking about,wouldn't the "20 year old stoner dream" guy/gal just sell his/her bud for cheaper to drive more traffic to his/her store? or offer exotic strains?If the businessman/businesswoman is good enough,he/she would find a way to stand out from the competition.bottom line.

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