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MMJ w/ Security Clearance

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by an0, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Hey all,

    I'm moving to California soon and am looking into a MMJ card for a pre-existing health condition. However, I feel hesitant putting my name on "the list" as jobs in my future may require Secret or Top Secret level security clearance, with a polygraph. Their ability to prove that I used marijuana in the past 7 years, nevermind currently, will automatically disqualify me from consideration.

    Who has access to the list of MMJ card-holders? For any of these investigations you are required to consent to a search of your medical history.

  2. I am anxious to hear this answer as well, especially the part about who can access your medical history.
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    Jobs that require security clearances are federal jobs... As far the federal government is concerned marijuana is still schedule 1, with no accepted medical uses. I dont think you would be able to get hired. Even private employers can still discriminate against mmj patients in ca with compulsary pre-employment drug screening. Sad but true... and this has not been challeged in any court yet. As far as access to mmj records, the federal and state govt can, and has accessed these records before. Spefically this has happened in San Diego when the DEA shut down many dispensaries about 2 years ago and took patient records from the dispensaries. By putting ur name on the 'list' ur consent is basically implied.
  4. more than likely, they'll require you to disclose your medical history, they would specifically look for any history of mental illness
    regardless, government policy regardung any kind of drug use besides alcohal and tobacco is based very heavily on ignorance
    they'll assume 2 things from that
    if you have a med card, they'll assume that you smoked before you got the card, and conclude that you aren't faithful to federal law, and therefore the government
    also they'll also assume that you'll get stoned and blab all of the national security secerts to whoever is listening (like this never happened when someone got drunk)

    you need to think from the perspective of the most ignorant and biased people when dealing with any government activity regarding weed

    so if you need to get a security clearence, you can't ever have any tied to anything that is illegal under the federal government, the feds don't give a fuck about the states rights
  5. I'm pretty sure your fucked employment wise... if even a Carl's Jr. can fire you over medical mj...
  6. I currently have a high-level security clearance and my wife is thinking of getting a medical marijuana card in our state. Anyone know if this would negatively affect me? Obviously I wouldn't use it myself and could pass a drug test. Just wondering if they do any checking into a spouse's records, as I totally assume they'd find it in mine if I were to get one.
  7. To the OP: It would be in your medical records but only with the MMJ doctor. I t would be on record with the department who is handling the cards I presume, and if you sign up with a dispensary to have them be your caregiver, it would be in their files. You are not required to sign up with the dispensary in order to buy from them though. I am afraid what would fuck you up would be the polygraph though... Can you fake it?

  8. I don't know about CA's law (you will have to go read the actual law yourself unfortunately), but I recently read NJ's new MMJ law, in which it states that the list cannot be easily accessed without cause, and you cannot be fired from a job or get busted by the cops in any scenario if you are using it in the correct manner (meaning, your doc knows and gave you permission, and you don't have any more than you're supposed to). In CA, I imagine the law is similar but not as draconian. However, this is what I was discussing earlier with Bolski - the gray area where federal law meets state law. The Federal gov't might not like it that you toke up. They're a serious bunch of dudes.

    Good luck!

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