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MMJ volume translation in edibles

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Indi420, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. So out of just curiosity talking with a friend.
    We were looking at our mediebles and wondering. How much dry herb does 10mg, 25, 50, etc of THC content equal?
    a 25mg hash cookie is pretty strong the 50s are very intense.   What would the dry weight of herb equal to that 25mg.

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    I am curious for the answer too. Thanks for asking! :)
    I did a search on this, but came up with nothing.
  3. my 500 mg cookies have 10 grams of bud each.
  4. Chris, please share your recipe? They sound absolutely devastating. Inquiring minds want to know. Lol
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    I get mine from the shops, they are Korovas. They have 1000 mg ones, 500 mg ones, and 250 mg ones, all are bomb.
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    Just because it says 25mg on it, or 500mg, on it at the dispensary, doesn't mean it actually contains that amount. There was an article on the web somewhere that was titled something like "Actual THC dosages" and most of them were less than what they claimed. A couple were higher than what was claimed on the package. The real answer: nobody knows; make your own if you want consistency.
  7. Ok so what percentage of THC is in the edible? 1000 mg = 1 gram of THC. So then do we take the entire weight of the edible an go from there? I mean 1 gram of THC in a 2 gram edible is 50% THC. Is that a strong edible? 
  8. A 500 mg edible would have 10 grams of bud, that is a strong edible.
  9. I am not talking about how much bud it was made with. I'm talking THC percentage. You can make an edible with 10 grams of mexi-brick and it would not get a fly buzzed. I mean the amount of bud could have like 1% THC. 10 grams would make you pass a sobriety feild test with flying colors. You can get a job with the DEA after a piss test.
    Again I ask, Is 50% THC a large amount for an edible?
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    I think the way to be most accurate would be to use a tested hash (let's say 57% thc bubble hash) and then infuse it into a 200 gram cookie/brownie/cupcake. Then from there you could do the equations to roughly figure out the mg of THC. This is my best guess. This also sounds like a shitload of work.
    so if it's a gram of bubble hash tested at let's say 50%, that means that 500mg of THC is in that gram. So if you were to take that 500mg of (decarbed) THC and infuse it into an edible, you would effectively have 500mg of THC. I'm sure you could do this with tested herb as well but the benefit of using any kind of melt-able hash is that you don't have to strain anything out. If you had 1000 grams and you wanted to put that 500mg in and cut it into 5 doses, you could easily do the math to figure out the mg of THC per 200 gram square... Provided that it is thoroughly, evenly mixed.
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    No. That does not make sense. You never mentioned the ratio of hash to the ratio of brownie. 1 gram in a 200 gram brownie means 1/200th of the brownie will have 57% THC. The rest of the brownie will have nothing. That does not make sense either. I suck at this kind of math thats why I am asking the question.
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    Yes, you're right. But what I am saying is that the total 200 gram brownie would have 570mg of THC. If you evenly distributed the melted hash, (possibly emulsified with proper equipment?) it would be correct.
  13. I'm a computer science major so math is one of my sweet spots  :smoke:
  14. Ok, 300mg in a 1 gram gummy worm means that almost one third of the gummy worm is THC. I know how that would affect me if I smoked bud (it's about 30%THC which is VERY high amount). But since i'm eating it, it would even hit me harder wouldn't it?
    Ok, I think I have figured this out. Thanks you guys!
    Also, if you were to take that same 570mg of THC, (1 gram of hash), and emulsify it into a 1000 gram brownie mix, and cut it into 5 squares, you would have close to 114mg of THC per 200 gram brownie. You would be some off due to processing loss and the fractional difference between .57 and a whole gram (which in proportion to the 1000 gram batch is nothing).
  16. That is quite an interesting article. Thanks for the link!  :)
  17. Ok, so 114 mg in a 1 gram brownie is a little over 10% THC. It would be drastically lower in a 200 gram brownie.
    Percentage of cannabinoids in a single serving is irrelevant. Whether the serving size is 100 or 200 or even 500 grams, it's that amount of cannabinoids that matter. I personally like small servings, like a 1x1 inch brownie, to deliver my dosage because I don't want to eat a lot of sweets but I know people who prefer a serving to be larger in size because they want to indulge in the flavor of the brownie, too. It doesn't matter the percentage per total weight, just that you're ingesting that much with one sitting. You still get the same buzz whether it's a 1g serving or a 200g as long as the amount of active ingredient remains the same.  :)
  19. Exactly, well put. 

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